My buddy over at Mouth of the South Shore has already dedicated two separate posts to the big reveal of THEY at TNA’s Bound For Glory show last night, so I’ll keep my opinions on it as (relatively) brief as possible. That said...are you surprised? Look at the players involved: Hogan, Bischoff, Russo, and Dixie. The first three only know what they’ve already done. They’re not creative or innovative by any stretch of the words (at least not anymore). The fourth, only knows what the first three tell her. So I’ll ask it again...are you surprised?


If you expected ANYTHING last night other than Hogan/Bischoff being revealed as THEY then you are simply a hopeless romantic. From the second Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined TNA they’ve ridden on nothing but their legacies. Of course they’d revert back to their biggest moment to try and finally boost TNA into the black. It’s all they know because their egos have never allowed them to learn anything else.


Hogan and Bischoff are convinced that they are the two biggest stars in TNA. If that were the case, then why haven’t they made a difference? Why haven’t they improved TNA’s product and/or measures of success since their arrival? Wanna know why? Because they’re not stars. Not at all. AT ALL.

Hulk Hogan, these days, is better known as a reality TV star than he is as a wrestling star. He hasn’t been a star in wrestling since he took on Shawn Michaels in 2005. And Bischoff? Please. Does anyone honestly see that man as anything more than the one trick pony he’s repeatedly proven himself to be over the years?

Bottom line about those two: They were a waste of Dixie (and Bob) Carter’s money

Moving on to the other members of THEY:

Abyss - I used to be a big fan of Abyss. The guy is a legit good worker. But over the last few years he’s devolved into an over-fed stunt monkey. TNA “Creative” has bastardized his character so much over the last 2-3 years that the only kind of heat he can generate is X-Pac-style “go away” heat. People don’t enjoy seeing him on TV. They’re not going to enjoy seeing him surrounded by an entire pack of unlikeables either.

Jeff Jarrett - The best word to sum up Double J is “Lucky.” He’s lucky to have been born into a wrestling family. He’s lucky he’s best friends with Vince Russo. He’s lucky that he founded TNA. Without any of those, would Jarrett even be in TNA? He’s not an entertaining character. He’s not an interesting performer. He’s at best a mediocre talent. Jeff Jarrett has never had ANY business being even remotely close to the main event. The guy is a charismatic black hole. His involvement with THEY will just annoy fans more than anything else.

And finally...

Jeff Hardy - The big swerve! Hardy turned heel! O.M.G....who gives a shit? Just like Hogan and Bischoff, if Hardy were as a big star as some like to think he is, his presence in the company would have made a difference by now. It hasn’t. He’s not. Jeff Hardy is popular amongst fanboys because he was a backyarder made good. Aside from adding some dumb paint, his character (and his skill) hasn’t evolved in a decade. No wonder Hogan and Bischoff like him...they can relate.

Hardy’s newfound place at the top concerns me. It’s not just because I’m not a fan of the man’s, it’s because I think it’s indicative of the awful decision making that TNA has come to be known for. Don’t forget, Jeff Hardy is currently facing felony drug charges. In the eyes of the law, he’s a criminal. Now, chances are, that he’ll get off with some sort of probation/community service sentence. But, there’s also the slight chance that he could face jail time. Even if his eventual freedom was a sure thing, why would any respectable company put someone in that situation on top? They wouldn’t. TNA’s not a respectable company. TNA is a desperate company.

TNA’s reveal of THEY will fail, just like Fortune already has and just like EV2 already did. TNA is DOA. THEY just haven’t figured it out yet. THEY are banking their future on (another) new stable filled with irrelevant members. It’s all been done before, and done better. It’s not compelling. On his Twitter recently, Jeff Hardy asked a fan to “admit” that the THEY angle was better than Cena/Nexus. It’s not. People are invested in that storyline. It started with a bang and has continued to evolve. Last night’s TNA angle started with a thud. Everyone’s worst fear was that THEY would be revealed to be a new Hogan/Bischoff group, and guess what happened...

TNA is trying too hard. They tried to hard to re-create the start of the NWO in 96, complete with the hero heel swerve and trash-filled ring. It’s nothing more than a desperate re-hash of a better angle from the past, just like 98.7% of everything else TNA does.

What’s that old saying? Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it? I’ve got a new one for you, TNA. Those who repeat the past...are doomed.