"After WWE.com announced that they have released Alberto Del Rio on grounds of unprofessional conduct, Triple H re-tweeted WWE’s message to enrage Del Rio’s fans further which led many people to believe that his incident with the backstage employee was perhaps a part of an on-screen angle.
But according to F4WOnline, sources within the WWE who have information about the incident have stated that Del Rio had really slapped the WWE employee and the company has parted ways with him.
Since his release, there has been no official tweet or message from Del Rio himself. It’s also worth noting that the incident was picked up by The Washington Post, among others."

Some are saying that this Del Rio incident is similar to the incident between AJ Lee and Michele Beadle of NBC Sports from last year. Only now Vince wasn't as quick to over turn Del Rio's firing like he was AJ's. Maybe Vince saw the writing on the wall that Del Rio was going to leave and thought "Hey he's gone leave anyway why not speed up the process." This is in no way me saying Vince is showing any sort of favoritism, but I am saying that maybe Management saw it has an opportunity to cut ties with someone who would be leaving anyway. Things are starting to look like WWE is finally getting burned for having not started making new stars sooner then they did start, because now either to many are leaving or they are leaning to heavy on the past. The future seems rough for the WWE if they don't fix it before things get worse then they have already become. 


Since WWE apparently didn't feel the need to I would like to wish Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Rodriguez) the Best of Luck in All of his Future Endeavors.