The news broke last night that the Carter Family who are the majority stock holders of TNA Wrestling are looking into selling the wrestling organization. TNA has been under the control of the Carter family for the entire existence of the wrestling organization. But the Carter's feel they have lost enough money on the company and now it's to cut ties and run. It was also said that the Carter's have been wanting to leave the wrestling business for a while now which is good. This is all maybe music to the ears of a lot of TNA haters but right now I am going to get into the possible buyers of TNA:

  1. Eric Bischoff- the former President of WCW and the man who almost put Vince McMahon out of business those are two achievements Eric will always have. But if he is to buy TNA he will not have Ted Turner's money like he did in WCW he will have to build the company without a lot of money. That is unless he is to get a financial backer for the company. The one thing I'd have to advise and hope is that Eric wouldn't get caught up giving guaranteed money again. To be honest I think if anyone maybe able to catch Vince it's the man who did it before why wouldn't he be able to do it again.
  2. Jeff Jarrett- Yes you read that name right the founder of TNA wrestling is looking to purchase back the company he founded back in 2002. Jeff was sent home by the company after a certain love triangle formed with Jeff & another wrestlers wife. I am one of the many people that say Jeff should be in the Hall of Fame since he founded the company but if he buys it I think him going in goes out the window. But I think if deserving the company had any bearing on who'd get it I'd say hands down Jeff deserves it because it wouldn't be here without him. But deserving the company will not get him it, I don't think it will but who knows.
  3. Viacom- This makes the most sense because they'd be getting the company as a way to keep it on Spike TV. For those who don't know Viacom is the parent company of Spike TV and could purchase TNA to make sure it says on Spike. The one problem I see with purchase is TNA becoming like WCW and Viacom allows the wrong people to run the company. Outside of that it should be able to work if they follow how thing went with ROH & SBS.
  4. WWE- By far this possible suitor/buyer scares me the most because if WWE buys them TNA will go the wayward way like so many companies before them. A positive for this is an Independent company could likely end up on Spike depending on Spike wants another wrestling on their channel. The more important thing is WWE buying TNA would deeply hurt the wrestling business, because even though TNA is well TNA it is still a wrestling company on TV which helps the wrestling on the Indies and outside WWE a place to get mainstream exposure.

What ever happens to TNA, it's been interesting ride for the company over the last 11 years and I wish everyone involved in the company the best of luck in the future. I also hope everything works out best for everyone and the wrestling business as a whole.