I usually never do advertise for events or seminar's at wrestling camps but I figured why not try something new. So I found out that "Wrestling Legend" & former Owner of Heartland Wrestling Association Les Thatcher will be hosting a seminar at the "World Famous" Monster Factory in Paulsbro, NJ. For those who don't know what Monster Factory is well then I will explain a little about it, originally started by Buddy Rodgers and Larry Sharpe in 1983. They both shared ownership until Larry took over total ownership of the facility. Over the course of time that the Monster Factory has been open it has been the start for some wrestling's top names like Bam-Bam Bigelow, Big Show, Raven, King Kong Bundy, Tony Atlas, Sheamus, The Headbangers, Kevin Von Erich, The Godfather, and many more. One of the lesser known but should be more known is Danny Cage, though he only wrestled for a few years not many people can think of the Monster Factory without thinking of Danny. That is true because of the fact that Danny is the current head trainer and leader of the Monster Factory. 


Why is this seminar a big deal, because if your a young wrestler one of things you should pride yourself on is taking advantage of any chance you get to pick the brains of those who came before you. Also the fact is HWA was at one point the developmental for both WWE & actually WCW, so Les could also give suggestions on what the big dogs are looking for and how to get you noticed. Les has been in the pro-wrestling business for 54 years so he has to know a thing or two that is worth listening to. 


Aspiring to be a wrestler and want to learn from a Legend who has been in the business for over 50 years.........

Then Visit the "World Famous" Monster Factory on Friday September 24- Sunday September 26. 


For more information or to find out how to take advantage of this opportunity visit: http://www.monsterfactory.org/les-thatchers-three-day-camp-at-the-monster-factory/