Even though we are going on a week after the untimely passing of WWE Hall of Famer James "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig we are still seeing tributes from various athletes to the Ultimate Warrior. One tribute that comes to mind was done on Monday's edition of Intentional Talk on the MLB Network by MLB's resident wrestling fan A's Outfielder Josh Reddick was superb. Josh was a guest on the MLB Network show which start former player Kevin Millar & Chris Rose, they were interviewing Josh who showed up dressed like the Warrior complete with the face paint, tassels, & the shirt. Josh also ran in from center field with the Ultimate Warrior entrance theme to the third base side for the interview with Millar & Chris Rose. Sadly I am unable to embed the video here but I can post the link to the video below which is what I will do so feel free to follow the link and watch a great tribute to Warrior & another former WWE star.