For my first post on Fan Vs. Fan I figured I’d talk about the big news story of the day: The 2010 WWE Draft.


The main picks were made last night on the 3 hour RAW. It turned out to be a great show, filled with some really good matches, backstage skits that were actually entertaining and meant something, and some legitimate intrigue.


I would hope that someone at WWE would look back at this show and realize that this is what RAW should look like every week. No guest host, no lame comedy, no dead air. But of course that won’t happen because Wayne Brady will host next week. Ugh.


Let’s get to the live draft:


Kelly Kelly

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Now that WWE has fired their 2 most popular divas seemingly because they were too focused on singing (Mickie James and Maria), someone decided it would be smart to replace them with the next most popular girl in the company, who coincidentally barely speaks let alone sings. Kelly will most likely do nothing important on Friday nights, much like the rest of the women on that show. But she’ll look great doing it.


The worst part about the draft every year is that there are a number of Superstars who, for one reason or another end up appearing on both shows anyway. I call these the “What’s the Point?” picks. Big Show was the first of many of these this year.


The Big Show

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

The guy has spent the better part of the last year as one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, meaning, he can defend the belts on either show. So him going from RAW to Smackdown! is really only a noticeable change to his place on WWE’s website. He was already on Smackdown! every week. Who cares if it’s “official” now? It also appears as if this will be a babyface Big Show on Smackdown! I like the guy, but again, ugh.


John Morrison

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

If I were an on-the-cusp-of-main-event babyface on Smackdown! I would fear the crap out of the draft every year. Morrison was on his way to headlining on Friday nights. Now he’s getting moved to Mondays where he’ll have to compete for the top good guy spot with John Cena, Triple H, and now Randy Orton. Think he’ll still get that push? He’s this year’s MVP (the wrestler not the accolade).



Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

Similar scenario to Morrison, though Truth wasn’t quite as close as John was. It looks as if they’re already moving forward with a feud between him and Ted DiBiase. That’s a great spot to put a guy like R-Truth. The feud won’t help him much. It’s clearly a platform to help elevate Ted, but it’ll keep him in the spotlight for a little while before WWE gives up on him completely.



Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

The first main event move of the night, the Rated-R Superstar got sent to the red team. I was hoping that if this pick happened it would lead to return of Edge as a heel. RAW is just too face-heavy to squeeze him in there too. Thankfully that’s exactly what happened as it they planted the seeds for an Edge/Orton feud (which should be great). The only downside to this move is that it means we’ll most likely get ANOTHER Cena/Edge feud later this month, and do we really need that?


Kofi Kingston

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Thank God. Kofi got such a great push last fall against Randy Orton. WWE had a bona fide star on their hands, then they just completely dropped the dude. Now Kofi moves over to Smackdown! where he’s basically already the top babyface (Mysterio never feuds for the title anymore for more than a couple of months and The Undertaker’s runs are getting less and less frequent). This move should finally push Kofi to that next level.



Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Just like Kofi, this should be great for Christian as he will also most likely jump up to the main event. This is a move that fans have been salivating for ever since Captain Charisma returned from TNA a little over a year ago. It’s a tiny bit bittersweet though since the money feud that this could have set up was Christian vs Edge. Hopefully they’re just saving that one for a later date. Either way, this is a great pick for the blue show.


Chris Jerico

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

This was the biggest “What’s the Point?” of the night. Even more than Big Show, Jericho is ALWAYS on RAW so his draft announcement fell completely flat. This was a poor choice to end the live draft on last night’s show. That said, Jericho is amazing no matter what show he’s on. I just wish they had used this opportunity to do something more exciting.


That was it for the picks announced live last night on RAW. However, this afternoon WWE held their annual Supplemental Draft on Here’s how that shook out:


The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

I couldn’t care less about the Great Khali, especially since it was just announced that he’s going back to India for an as-yet-to-be-determined amount of time. The guy is definitely an attraction but he’s not going to do anything worth mentioning on RAW…whenever he actually shows up.


Chavo Guerrero

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

I’ve given up on the thought that Chavo will ever become a serious contender for any title, though I think he’s a strong upper-mid card heel. I really wish that they would put him in some serious programs and let him shine, but it’s just not going to happen. Still, this move to Smackdown! is good for him because it means he’ll actually be able to wrestle.


Cody Rhodes

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Cody hasn’t been seen since he was head-punted by Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXVI. This should be a good change of pace for the son of the son of a plumber. I always thought Cody was the better performer in the Legacy, with size being his only downfall. I don’t think he’ll get pushed up to the main event any time soon, but he should make for a solid mid-card heel.



Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

Natalya has quickly become my favorite diva (especially now that Mickie and Maria are gone). She’s a good worker. She looks incredible. Plus, I’m a huge mark for all things Hart. Hopefully she’ll actually get a chance to become a force in the women’s “division.” A series of matches between her and Gail Kim could be pretty good.


Chris Masters

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

I don’t know why they even re-hired this guy. Aside from showing him flex his pecks, he’s done nothing worth noting since coming back last year. He was drafted from RAW to Smackdown! once before a few years ago. He was fired within a few months. He was a heel then and he’s a babyface now, but something tells me the same thing will happen again this time around.


Ezekiel Jackson

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

This poor dude. They made a big deal out of him being the final ECW champ. Then the show got canceled and he moved back to Smackdown! where he’s only made one appearance since February. The guy’s dad passed away shortly before ‘Mania, causing him to miss that. Then he got injured, putting him on the sidelines for the next 3-6 months. When he comes back I imagine they’ll give him a short push, but then he’ll end up becoming the next Snitsky/Mike Knox.



Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

This one really annoyed me. Goldust is a legend. Debate me if you want but the guy is a certified Hall of Fame-worthy performer. This is umpteenth time back in the WWE. He’s spent the last year on ECW where they finally used him as a wrestler again. He became one of the most popular guys on the brand and consistently had great matches. Then they moved him to Smackdown! and never used him.  Now he’s going back to RAW, again, and I just know they only did it so that he can play around with the guest hosts. He’s the new Hornswoggle. That sucks.



Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Speaking of that little green nugget, I hope to God they fire him soon. Hopefully this switch will see the leprechaun go back to simply being a prop for Finlay to carry to the ring. Otherwise, I have no desire to ever see him on my TV again.


Rosa Mendez

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Again, what’s the point? The divas as a whole are kinda worthless to begin with, which means that the ones who don’t even wrestle are even less important. Rosa will most likely catfight with Kelly Kelly. Beyond that, who cares?


The Hart Dynasty

Drafted from Smackdown! to RAW

Yet another “What’s the Point?” pick. I love the Hart Dynasty. I think they’re great. I’m so happy that they actually won the tag titles last night. But, since they won the titles, that means they can be on both shows. So why bother wasting time in the draft “moving” them? Not to mention, as far as I can tell, the only real teams left in the WWE that could challenge the Hart Dynasty are the Dudebusters and the Straight Edge Society, and they’re both on Smackdown!


MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter)

Drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

Something tells me that this switch back to Smackdown! following his stagnant year on RAW will finally see MVP move up to the top of the card. I just hope it’s as a heel. I HATE babyface MVP. He’s so boring and vanilla. The guy has talent and charisma, but he’s a natural heel. Seeing him go back the dark side would be a much-welcomed sight. One other thing: Please MVP, drop that horrendous finisher.


So that’s it for the 2010 WWE Draft. I think the big story moving forward will be how Smackdown! shapes up. Aside from CM Punk, Mysterio, and Undertaker, the blue show has no proven main eventers. It will be exciting to see who they choose to step up to that next level and carry the show. And as usual, RAW walks away from the draft with a stacked roster featuring the biggest names. I would have loved to see Cena sent to Smackdown! but I’m starting to think that may never happen again….until they need a boost for the show’s move to SyFy in the Fall.