WWE announced today that Alberto Del Rio has been released. The short statement on WWE.com reads:

WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.

Obviously, more on this as it becomes available. Del Rio–real name Alberto Rodríguez has been with WWE since June of 2010. He made his debut on the main roster on June 25th of that year, winning the WWE Title twice and the World Heavyweight Title twice.

Look though for the last few years most people have not liked Del Rio and not for the reason they were suppose to not like him but for the reasons that they just were tired of seeing him. I think this while unfortunate is a blessing in disguise for the WWE, because Del Rio needed to be freshened up but there was only so much they could to help him and that some people just don't have it or just don't want it.



Source: http://www.wzronline.com/wrestling-news/%E2%80%8Bbreaking-news-alberto-del-rio-fired-from-wwe.html