The news just broke that during a talent meeting last night at a TNA House Show in Hagerstown, Maryland a former World Champion used the meeting as a way to say goodbye to his fellow co-workers. The person has not been released but instead it seems as though his contract expired and is not being signed back to a contract with TNA as of this writing. As it seems like the man named Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley's contract with the company expired last night at a house show that was asked to work and that seems like it will be his last show at least for now with TNA Wrestling. This is a big loss for TNA especially in a time when they really can't afford many more loses for the company, as they need everything have working for them to help them get a new contract or sign back with Spike TV. Team 3D is also still set to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory in October and though Bully is done for right now that doesn't mean he is done forever with TNA. 


Bully reached the top of TNA Wrestling even after not many people thought he could be anything more then just a tag team wrestler because of how long he and his "half brother" D-Von were together as a team. However, Ray proved the doubters wrong and showed that he could be the "Face of a Company" and also he proved everyone wrong and showed he could be World Champion. Bully Ray will be surely missed not only in the TNA Locker Room, but as a leader in TNA and a member of the Roster. 


I would like to wish Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley aka Brother Ray (Mark Lomonaco) The Best of Luck in his future and hopefully We can see him again soon with another company on National TV