I founded out last night that TNA's future with the Carter Family maybe in doubt. As of two days ago it was made public the Carter family may look into either shutting TNA down or more likely selling the company. This will only be the case if things continue the way they have which as most know TNA has had financial difficulties over the past few months. But it is also being said that Spike TV has said, that they are willing to invest in TNA to keep it open as they don't want to loss the program.

The possibility of a sale is one of the reasons Dixie wants to keep Hogan & Sting on payroll as she believes it will help add name value to the company if a sale were to occur. This is a boat load of overpayment, bad decisions, and listening to the wrong people finally catching up with the Carter's.

Right now possible suitors for the company aren't known but a lot questions will need answering from now until January 1 2014, like: Will the Carter's Finally Sell, If a sale does happen what happens to Impact, Will the roster & the company get overhauled, & where will Impact be after it gets taken off the road. Also forgot one will Hogan & Sting leave TNA or will they stay "one more year."


--Feel free to post feedbacks on this issue-- (Remember not enough info about this is out to confirm the Carter's will sell or not right now) Just wait!!!!