Many fans thought they were gone, they thought one of the most entertaining companies in world of pro-wrestling was gone but yesterday afternoon at the FDK Skate park in Philadelphia Chikara held their first show since June 2nd of this year. The difference between this show and any other show they did this one was a "Guerrilla event." The story is that the roster is doing it on their own to fight back against the company that shut them down. To see the show that on UStream yesterday click the link below:

From the time I first heard about this in June to now I still believe that this is the real thing and is not an angle. Either this has brought a whole identity to Chikara in my book and to bad more people aren't able or willing to witness this unique "angle." Even if it isn't an angle I really don't know what else to call it and I wish Chikara the best because they are real good company.

Below is some great moments from Chikara's past:

This is by far one if not the funniest segment I have ever seen

Another awesome moment from Chikara:


Last but not least, If you have never seen anything Chikara give them a chance either by watching the UStream footage in the link above or this Free-Per-View:

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