A rumor has surfaced online that former WWE star CM Punk is returning to WWE tomorrow in his home town of Chicago but this is in no way confirmed. In the headline it discusses that the WWE Network twitter account which was made after Punk left WWE has followed Punk and that is pointed out as one of the main reason that Punk will be "returning." It get's me thinking how does the fact that the WWE Network twitter account followed Punk mean that he is coming back. Just because he is a former wrestler and the Network's twitter followed him doesn't mean he is returning, because if that is true then that means any former superstar that the Network's twitter followed will be returning, if you are using that logic. The headline goes on to mention an apparent meeting between Punk & Vince where Punk vented his frustration and they agreed on something that made Punk feel good enough to come back. Below is an short excerpt from the post: (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

"The basic gist of things is that WWE gave Punk some time to “cool off” and then wound up talking to him. Punk vented his frustrations to Vince McMahon and something was agreed upon that made Punk happy enough to be willing to come back."

Look you may not have come here to totally here my opinion on it but still I am not saying Punk will not be back tomorrow on RAW, but I am saying is that something is just not adding up as to why all of the sudden and how could not have heard anything about Punk meeting with WWE prior unless they did a killer job of keeping things quiet. Also with the fact that the main point of the article is that just because WWE Network's twitter it means Punk is coming back, I really don't see how or why that they relate to each other. The only thing I can say here that is the honest truth is I hope whoever saw that headlines notices the author didn't say it was confirmed so with that take it as a rumor; and the only way will know if Punk will be at RAW tomorrow is if we wait and see. Monday Night RAW Live from Chicago on USA Network @ 8PM / 7CT