With the New Year right around the corner I figured it would be a good idea to post about what upcoming here on SquaredCircleSideShow.com in the New Year. Before I get into that I want to say Thank You. When I came here back in September I didn't think the reception would be as good as it has been but it's made the transformation that much easier. Because of that I can only Thank all of you who have viewed this site because if you didn't I wouldn't still be here. You all have know idea how appreciative I am of that because this site allows mean to express myself about the wrestling business and it means a lot that all of you respect my opinion enough to read my posts. I would also like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and Hope to see to you back on the site in the New Year.

Now onto a the reason for this post to give you all a little insight into what to expect here next year:

  • Big posts about WWE & TNA going over the current product & 2013
  • More Unique Blog Series
  • More Interviews (If you guys want me to interview anyone specific let me know)
  • More Top 5 Lists
  • Possible Changes to Current Blog Series


I don't want to spoil to much about next year but I am looking forward to spending a full year on this site because We are Just Getting Started!!!!!!