As many of you fans know last week WWE finally did what they hadn't done for years, which was Spring Cleaning. For those who maybe unaware of what Spring Cleaning is when it comes to a company like WWE, I'll fill you in; it's really simple to explain as it's a specific time of year when WWE usually releases talent from the main roster. This year they let go of around 8 talents one of which was former WWE Tag Team Champion & Tag Team Specialist Curt Hawkins. Less then a week after his release Curt was a guest on the radio show called LAW (Live Audio Wrestling) with host John Pollock. During the interview Hawkins discusses that the morale in the locker room dropped big time with WWE management's  treatment of Zack Ryder a few years ago. Hawkins even says "WWE Broke the Sprit of the Locker Room with how they treated Zack Ryder." For any of you guys and gals that might be unaware of what I am talking, let tell you about it back in 2011 Zack Ryder was slowly becoming a hot topic in WWE and getting over with the fans. However, it wasn't because of the office Zack was doing it by himself with his Youtube show Z True Long Island Story. Which WWE management obviously didn't like it because when Zack reached his peak at TLC 2011 his downward spiral would begin only a few short months later. Then by Post Wrestlemania Season in 2012 Zack was next to irrelevant again and WWE got what they wanted proving you can't get pushed without the office. Below is another excerpt from the Hawkins interview with Live Audio Wrestling:

"The worst part of that whole thing is that it really kind of broke the spirit of the locker room.

For years, we were told in all these pep talks that there's a brass ring, you've gotta reach for it and it's there for the taking if you work hard enough and get yourself over. And he did it; he defied the odds and actually does it, and all the boys are rooting for him, like 'Oh wow, this is cool as s**t. This has never been done before.' He got over without the office, without TV time. It was pretty mind-blowing.

And then they did just crush it and take it all away from him. To me, I felt the example that set for the rest of the boys was pretty brutal, because then it's like it almost feels hopeless. It's like, you're not going to get pushed unless they pick you to get pushed, and that's kind of it. I thought, above all, that message they sent to the boys was the worst part. They crushed the spirits of a lot of people, like 'Okay, so my hard work here isn't going to pay off, huh?""