Over the course of the last few months we have seen the ascension of as far as I am concerned the future of the WWE and his name is Daniel Bryan. If anyones stock in WWE has jolted up since the summer it is Bryan. I look this as a fan as someone getting what they finally deserve to get and someone whose worked very hard to get to where he is right now. I have been a fan of Daniel Bryan since his days on the Independent circuit and happy to say I have followed him for as long as I have because now I am able to see him reach the pinnacle. Now that I think about it even with all of his success he really hasn't gotten the chance to run with the ball and be the guy in WWE. I hope in 2014 WWE gives Daniel the ball and tells him to run with it because if anyone deserves the opportunity to be champion for a long time it's him.

As many fans may remember last year the craze was Fandangoing which was one of the many things center stage in the post Wrestlemania crowd last year. But this year the craze is YES and the two videos I will post below prove: 

Michigan State does YES!! Chant & The ending of Last weeks Raw.