No picture. No preparation. I'm just going to spew here.

Spoiler Alert: TNA's Victory Road Main Event of Sting, defending his newly-won World Title against Jeff Hardy consisted of...the ring introductions, Eric Bischoff walking out to say the match was no DQ, the bell ringing to start, Sting hitting one Scorpion Death Drop, and the bell ringing to end. This was followed by a highlight reel, and then credits. The show ended at 10:40 after a 45-second main attraction.

TNA - please just fold already. Just pack up your shit and go out of business. You clearly don't care about trying anymore. You obviously have zero desire to succeed as a wrestling company. At this point you're nothing more than an outlet for Dixie Carter to show off her horrible cocker spaniel haircuts and Paul McCartney cheeks and for her douche husband to plague the world with his "music." You're a joke, and it seems like you know it.

You just knowingly produced a PPV which people PAID FOR that ended in a 45-second "main event." The highlight reel of the show was 4x as long as your marquee match. The match before that ended in a double DQ.

You are criminals. You should refund every single person who purchased VICTORY ROAD tonight. Remember when Creed got sued because Scott Stapp was too hammered to perform? I hope tonight sets off a class-action lawsuit against you, TNA. You deserve nothing less. You're lucky that your live crowd gets in for free. 1) Because they can't complain about wasting their money, only their time and 2) because if you depended on paid tickets you'd have an empty building.

Vince Russo - You continue to do nothing to quell the cries that you are a hack and a failure who only rose to prominence in the wrestling business because you had Vince McMahon watching you. You couldn't save WCW and now it looks like you're actively trying to kill TNA.

Dixie Carter - You continue to do nothing to silence your critics who claim you have no business running a wrestlin business. You're the boss. You just approved of your employees actively screwing over your fans. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I honestly feel bad for the talent in TNA. Those men and women work so freaking hard, putting their bodies at risk each time they enter that ring. And for what? For their bosses to happily sign off on the most unwatchable product in the history of pro wrestling? To work for a company that clearly has no intention of working to improve and/or succeed? These poor wrestlers are being ABUSED by TNA Management. After tonight I hope some of them step up and ask to be released.

TNA sabbotaged themselves tonight. Why would anyone pay for another TNA PPV ever again? Why should anyone pay for the TNA product ever again? They don't do anything to repay the fans. They may put on a good match every now and then but when they so blatantly sabbotage their product like they did tonight it negates any positives that may have come earlier. 

It would be one thing if this were an internet PPV or even an episode of Impact. It would be one thing if TNA were only trying to be A wrestling company. But it's not and they're not. It was a $40+ PPV and TNA repeatedly states their aspirations to be THE wrestling company. Is this how they think they're going to get there?

I know there will be some TNA apologists out there (maybe even some on this site) who say "It wasn't that bad, just wait till Impact. They'll explain it." To that I say bullshit. There is no explanation - storyline or otherwise - for so clearly robbing your customer of the product they purchased. You may not like a lot of what they do all the time, but ask yourself if WWE would ever even fathom pulling a stunt like the one TNA did tonight?

They wouln't. It would NEVER happen because Vince McMahon, creatively, knows that it's a stupid angle and because Vince McMahon, financially, knows what the repercussions could be. In TNA though, Vince Russo, creatively, believes that he's the messiah and probably thinks that this will be the biggest angle in wrestling history because the internet is talking about it. As for Dixie Carter, financially, she doesn't care what Russo does as long as she gets adequate TV time and the checks come from daddy's bank account, not hers.

You are a joke, TNA. You deserve nothing but failure. I hope you get it.