Since he left TNA Wrestling in late December of last year speculation of what will happen next in Jeff Jarrett's wrestling life has been a hot topic, that has many including myself try to figure out what exactly his next project would be. Finally we found that it would be a new Wrestling Company and he would partner up with Country Music star and Wrestling fan Toby Keith. Over the course of the last few weeks from the truth of his departure from TNA to the practical confirmation of his company Jeff is totally striking while the iron is hot. Though when contacted for the most part both Jeff & Toby Keith have been very tight lipped about any information regarding the project we know what we know from Jeff himself.

If you saw the title it says "Expectations Rising" well that comes from an advertisement of sorts for the partnership with Jeff & Toby that was spoke about on Sirius XM's The Highway. For those who don't know The Highway is one of the country music stations on XM Radio so it makes sense why they'd talk about this on their station. As of this writing it was spoke of during a Country music news segment on The Highway and they spoke about how Jeff & Toby attempted to purchase TNA Wrestling, they go on to say that since that fell through Jeff & Keith decided to start their own "massive promotion." I don't about you but in my mind this "advertisement" does nothing but help Jarrett & Keith's company create awareness for it and it doesn't even have a name yet or maybe it does but it hasn't been reveled just yet. I will continue to let you guys in on more information about Double J & Toby Keith's "new promotion" as I get more information about said project.


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