Ahmed Johnson

poor mic skills

average skills in the ring 

Best Possible Feuds For the Period: Rock, Undertaker, HHH, Bret Hart, Goldberg


Ahmed was suppose to be the next big thing in the WWF during the 90's he was going to be their next household name cause he fit the mold of what a star was back then in Vince's eyes. It was all going great he was IC Champion they were mapped out when he would be ready to win the World title. But then the Injuries started to happen when he was attacked during a tag team and got hurt & it was reveled he had kidney problems because of the "attack. This caused him to not only lose the IC title but also loss a chance to challenge HBK for the WWE title the night after SummerSlam. Then he returned in 97 and began feuding with the man who "injured" him Faarooq & the Nation of Domination. It was also around now he started teaming with the Undertaker vs the Nation. In Mid 98 however he would turn his back on the Undertaker and join the New Nation with Faarooq, D' Lo, & Kama. Before he could get the World  title shot they had him pegged for at Canadian Stampede he got Injured again. Less than a year after his return he was released by WWE for being to injury prone.

After he got fired by WWE it took around a year for WCW to finally sign him to a contract. He became basically Stevie Ray's new partner so they can add a twist to his feud with Booker. Who he recently broke up with at the time as a tag team. Johnson didn't stay very long as he was let go by mid April because of ongoing weight issues. Then in 2003 he officially retired from Pro-Wrestling only competing recently for the Huffman Training Academy. This is one of the things that sometimes happen in this business people maybe destined for something but are sometimes injury prone to accomplish it. Sometimes I wonder what the Attitude Era would be like if Ahmed actually did make it to the top would the people who did make have made or would WWE have not made it. All those questions with NO answer, only theories of what might have been.