For the first time I am actually going to do one of these post based on a non male wrestler like I have done everyone of these prior. But I feel like for once it fits to do this on a non-wrestler because of the current news surrounding this person. For those who haven't been on the internet in the 48 hours you have heard about the current condition of WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. As of right now Mae is still alive but she isn't in good shape and at this point is still living off life support. But instead of being grim let's take this opportunity and flashback to Mae's career before WWE (Yes she had one.)

Now there really isn't much known about Mae's career prior to the WWE but below is some interesting facts about Mae's career:

  • Mae was wrestling in Memphis, TN on December, 7 1941 which was the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed.
  • Mae was an amateur wrestler on her boys High School Wrestling Team (If that doesn't show how tough she's always been I don't know what does)
  • With Mildred Burke they open Canada to Women's Wrestling in the 40's
  • She was wrestling during Great Depression & World War 2
  • Mae has been in the Wrestling business for 74 years


Mae has embodied the wrestling business for the last 70 plus years and has told Vince she wants to wrestle when she is 100 years old. I think that would be awesome just to see her walk out on RAW at age 100 because that'd very special. To quote who spoke to Mae "Thousands of people are pulling for you." Once again I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Mae for all she has done for this business and hope she kicks this. Stay Strong Mae We All Know You Can Beat This.