August 18th SummerSlam: **Daniel Bryan def. John Cena (c) to win the WWE Title (Post Match: While celebrating Triple H turns to Bryan and hits the pedigree laying him out. (The fans are shocked) then Orton’s them song hits and it all makes sense. Orton walks down to pin Bryan but then Bryan kicks out much to the delight of the fans

August 19th Monday Night Raw: Hunter’s Explanation

To start the show Triple H, Stephanie, & their new bodyguards The Shield make their way to the ring. Hunter get’s on the mic to offer an explanation, he says “I know of all you people are wondering why I attacked Daniel Bryan last night; well here your answer he doesn’t have what it takes to be the face of the WWE. I know from experience how good Randy Orton is and he has what it takes to be the face of WWE, unlike the 5 foot nothing, pint sized, troll aka the man he beat last night for the WWE title. Without further adieu your WWE Champion…… Randy Orton.”   Randy comes down the ramp to a course of boos and enters the ring hugging Stephanie & Hunter. Orton take Triple H’s mic and says “From day one I was born to do this because I was born to be in this business but it wasn’t long that people realized I could be World Champion which is something my father never did in WWE. The difference between now and every other title win I have had in my career and what makes this special is all you ignorant, delusional people never saw it coming just Daniel Bryan. To quote one of my idols “Weather you like or you don’t like it, learn to love because I am the best thing going to day” and I will be WWE Champion for a long time.” Hunter revels that he is giving Orton the night off. (Bryan isn’t at the show reason is he is at home nursing some injuries from last night)

August 26th Monday Night Raw:

“Daniel Bryan’s first show since SummerSlam: tagline that was pushed the entire week.” Bryan is out in the middle of the show to talk about SummerSlam. Simply,
Bryan says “I am pissed off but I am not going to make excuses because that’s not who I am. Randy you have something that should be mine but because Triple H doesn’t believe I fit what the face of the WWE should look like he took matters into his own hands. Triple H can’t stand the fact that I am better wrestler then he ever was & he also can’t stand the fact that I take pride in being a Wrestler!!!! Even though I am a “Sport Entertainment company” I will always be a Wrestler!!!!
Right after that Orton & Hunter come out on the stage; Hunter speaks first he says to Bryan “You seem angry, its real simple kid don’t mouth off to the wrong people.” Bryan interrupts saying “Oh…. I am so scared. Hunter yells at Bryan telling him not to interrupt & proceeds to denounce Daniel & the Independent circuit. (Bryan vs Seth Rollins announced), Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins via DQ when Reigns & Ambrose interfered & assault Bryan laying him out in the ring. As this happens Triple H & Randy Orton watch from the stage with a smile.


September 2nd Monday Night Raw:

Announcers push the growing problems between Daniel Bryan & The New Regime, Backstage Encounter: Randy Orton & Hunter bump into Cody Rhodes who voices his opinion on who he thinks should be champion. Triple H disagrees and puts him vs Orton tonight if he loses he gets fired. Announcers push both Bryan & Orton’s matches tonight as Bryan runs the gauntlet vs The Shied. Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes (Post Match: Triple H fires Cody), Daniel Bryan def. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, & fought Dean Ambrose to a No-Contest when The Shield interfered but then Big Show runs in for the save sending The Shield away.

September 9th Monday Night Raw:

Highlights of Cody’s firing from last week, Triple H would say on a YouTube show that he doesn’t regret his decision and anyone who has a problem with it can voice their opinion but he had to make an example of Cody. Like he will make an example of the Big Show this Monday; Big Show is punished by having to face The Shield in 3 on 1 Handicap Match. The Shield win then proceed to assault Show and lay him out with a triple power-bomb. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan have first face-off backstage.


September 15th Night of Champions:

I’d keep the same card as they had. I would the announcement that the Rhodes family is going to fight to get Cody’s job back. Also instead of ending the WWE title match with a fast count I would do this
Daniel Bryan def. (c) Randy Orton via DQ after The Shield interference and have the show end with The New Regime in the ring celebrating over the prone Bryan