June 13th ECW on SC-FI- Rebirth of Extreme
Paul Heyman begins the show and he Welcomes Everyone to a New Era in Pro wrestling, he welcomes everyone to the New ECW. He lets everyone know that Rob Van Dam won against John Cena last night is the new WWE Champion but since Rob is a part of ECW I feel it’s only fitting for him to be the ECW World Champion as well. Which he will be getting later on tonight in the coronation ceremony & tonight begins a tournament to crown the new ECW World Tag Team Champions. A Battle Royal will also be held tonight to crown the #1 Contender for RVD’s ECW Title, Tournament Match: Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay (Doring pins Terkay), Carlito def. Ryan O’ Reilly, Hype video for Tim Arson (He says “I belong in ECW because my name says it all), Shelton Benjamin def. Shannon Moore, Highlights of One Night Stand, Battle Royale Won By: Tommy Dreamer, Coronation Ceremony for RVD is interrupted by debuting rookie CM Punk, He attempts to steal the spotlight by saying “Is the party for me, My name is CM Punk and I am Straightedge that means I am drug free & alcohol free. That also means I am better then mostly everyone in this ring especially you RVD. You’re lucky you already have an opponent if you didn’t I would kick your ass and take title, then put it where it belongs in the grave with the rest of you half dead originals.” Punk gets attacked by the ECW Originals and is dumped to the floor. Punk gets up and says “You have power in numbers right now but I guarantee by the end of 2006 I will hold the ECW World Title, even if I have to end some careers to get it; and the Straightedge Era will begin in ECW.

Tuesday June 20th ECW on SC-FI- Arrogant Rookie will get put in his place?
Highlights of last week’s show, Elijah Burke def. Local Talent (Post Match: Burke grabs a mic and says, I have dumped the dead weight as of now you will not see Elijah Burke apart of a tag team. From this point forward I am only out for person me!!!! Get ready for the Elijah Experience) Great Khali & Daivari def. Tony Mamaluke & Guido (Khali pins Mamaluke), highlights of CM Punk’s debut from last week and a reminder of his challenge to the ECW Originals, Hardcore Holly def. Special E, Tommy Dreamer is out to talk about his title shot at Vengeance against RVD, he says “Not many people know but when they first decide to reform ECW I was the first person they called, because they know what this company means to me, what that name did for my career & they are giving me another chance to be with my favorite company. I couldn’t say no, now to last week the Battle Royal for the #1 Contender to face Rob; I was going to come out here and say that Rob you maybe ECW Champion but it’s my turn I want to be the man. But that was before CM Punk arrived and Punk if you want to try and change the legacy of ECW or end a legend of this companies career I here ready and waiting. Also Rob let’s tear the house down on Sunday. Tim Arson vignette, Punk’s ECW Original Challenge: CM Punk def. Super Crazy (Post Match: Punk address the fans when he says “I am the future of the ECW and weather you people like or not I will be here for a very long time and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. I will be on top of the mountain here quicker than anyone in the history of this company. It doesn’t matter who I have to beat because I am Straightedge that means I better then you!!!!!

Sunday June 25th ECW presents Vengeance on PPV- Originals on Center Stage
Joey Styles & Taz put over the fact that this is the first time ECW is on PPV since 2001 and they don’t mention the WWE portion they just mention RVD vs Tommy Dreamer. Also they say since we are on “WWE PPV” WWE management feels a WWE team should face a team from ECW. Paul Heyman accepted and made it a Tag Team Tournament Match. Basham Brothers def. Jimmy Yang & Funaki (Doug pins Yang), CM Punk comes out and says “For those who don’t know me my name is CM Punk and I am Straightedge that means I am drug free & alcohol free. Since so many people are breathing down my neck and since so many people are trying to fight me, I figured it would be smart to get some protection so please shut your mouth and offer a round of applause for my new bodyguard Mr. X. Remember since I am Straightedge that means I better then you!!!! (Side Note: I would probably push to have Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross put over CM Punk), ECW World Championship Match: (c) Rob Van Dam def. Tommy Dreamer (Post Match: Rob Van Dam & Dreamer shake hands and embrace after a good hard fought match)

Tuesday June 27th ECW on SC-FI
Highlights of the PPV, Tim Arson vignette, Danny Doring def. Doug Basham, & Daivari in a 3 Way Dance, Sabu def. Kenny Dykstra, Promo announcing ECW’s involvement in SummerSlam, CM Punk ECW Original Challenge: CM Punk def. Johnny Swinger (Post Match: Punk grabs a mic says “I feel now is a better time than any for me to lay out a challenge to better competition from the ECW Originals because if this the best they got no wonder why they went out of business the first time.”) Great Khali def. Danny Basham & Roadkill in a 3 Way Dance, Kevin Thorn def. Local Talents, Rob Van Dam is out he grabs a mic and say “Over the course of my career I have been in ring with many people but very are better than Tommy Dreamer, very few pour everything they have into ever match they are in; that is why Tommy was and still is the heart and soul of ECW. But I am not just out to praise Dreamer I am out to say something that Dreamer also said CM Punk, you said you want better competition well anytime anyplace dude; because they don’t call me “The Whole F’N show” for nothing.” Out of nowhere CM Punk & Mr. X attack RVD with chairs, but before they can do too much damage out comes the cavalry (Sandman, Sabu, & Dreamer) and they run off Punk & Mr. X.  Sandman challenges Punk to a match at SummerSlam but Punk just keeps walking like he ignores him.