October 21st Monday Night Raw: Can the McMahon’s intimidate the Big Show

(Made public the week prior that Daniel Bryan and Nikki are engaged) Triple H & Stephanie are in the ring and Triple H says “Welcome everyone to the show that we own and me and my wife will not tolerate disrespect. Stephanie is holding a briefcase which Triple H tells her to open and hand him what inside, she does and it’s a piece of paper. Hunter precedes he states “Big Show I have your contract right here I hold your career in my hands and you will do what we tell you to do or you will not have a contract anymore. Because, there are two things we won’t tolerate disrespect & insubordination, tonight Big Show you will see whose boss.” Contract Signing is made for later, The Shield def. Kofi Kingston & Prime Time Players (Ambrose pins Kofi), Brad Maddox is out for the contract signing for the Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton match at Hell in a Cell: Both men are out the tension is there but both men sign the contact without a physical altercation. Triple H comes out on stage distracting Daniel Bryan allowing Orton to attack from behind but Daniel fights back just then Hunter brings out The Shield. The numbers game once again gets the best of Bryan, Hunter then calls out Big Show who comes out and he is told to Knockout Bryan. Show says but Hunter tells if he doesn’t he is fired and Big Show knockouts Bryan. Hunter makes Randy vs Bryan a NO DQ Match

October 27th Hell in a Cell: Rhodes Family Returns & Orton vs Bryan No DQ

To start the PPV the fans are told by GM Brad Maddox that Triple H and Stephanie are not here tonight and Brad has all administrative power therefore he has banned the Big Show from the arena. (c) Dean Ambrose def. Kofi Kingston to retain United States Title, (c) Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins def. Uso Brothers & The Real Americans to retain Tag Titles, WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton (When Daniel Bryan was about to win The Shield run in an attempt to attack Bryan but Dean is stopped by Kofi. Roman & Seth Rollins are surprised by the Rhodes Brothers who have jumped the rail this is all happening on the ramp and around the ring. But then Big Show jumps the rail and knockout Randy Orton much to the delight of the fans which leads to Daniel Bryan winning the match and an Arena wide YES Chant.


October 28th Monday Night Raw: Maddox is in trouble

To start the show Triple H is in the ring and he says “both he and Stephanie are very angry about the events of last night and Stephanie is so angry she thought it be best if she took the night off. After the events of last night the WWE Superstars need to be taught a lesson in respect; two of them particular Big Show & Daniel Bryan. First all Big Show you didn’t listen and you disregarded my warning, Big Show YOUR FIRED!!!!
Then he continues and asks Daniel Bryan to please come out, Bryan comes out to a big cheer for the crowd and he is holding the WWE title. First Triple H congratulates Daniel on getting engaged then he tells Bryan he shouldn’t be WWE Champion; Bryan disagrees and asks for a mic but Hunter tells them not to give him because he doesn’t need one. Hunter tells Bryan that he only asked him to come out here so he could hear him loud and clear that after the events of last night he is vacating the WWE Title. Triple H asks Bryan to please give him the championship but Bryan doesn’t then Randy Orton’s music plays which distracts Bryan allowing Hunter to take the title without any altercation. Bryan is pissed and is screaming NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
Later in the show Triple H tells Maddox to redeem himself and Hunter gives Brad a week to figure out a way to fix the WWE Title problem if not he will join the Big Show.


November 5th Monday Night Raw: Survivor Series November 24th on PPV

The fans hear from Randy Orton about how he believes that the WWE title should still be his and that the Big Show should be arrested for entering a WWE event uninvited. Also he states “Daniel should never receive another WWE title match for embarrassing the WWE and the title by accepting the title after “winning” the match in such a way. Later in the show Randy Orton destroys The Miz
Also the Rhodes family is given and invitation to next week’s RAW by Brad Maddox from Triple H. Brad also says “Last week I was told by Triple H I had a week to come up with something to fix the WWE title situation and hope that what I come up with can save my job. Well here it is Randy Orton will face Daniel Bryan for the WWE title anyone interferes will be fired but that will happen at TLC. I thought with Survivor Series around the corner we could make things interesting, Team Randy vs Team Bryan winner gets to choose the stipulation for their match at TLC. Also on the show, Dolph Ziggler def. Dean Ambrose (Post Match: Dolph get’s attacked by The Shield and is Triple Power-bombed)

November 12th Monday Night Raw: Rhodes Family and McMahon Family face-off plus Team Bryan & Team begin to form.

The announcers drive home the personal feud that has taken place between the McMahon’s & the Rhodes family prior to the meeting in the ring later tonight. Randy Orton announces 3 of his team members as The Shield and is still looking for the last one.
Around the middle of show is when I would have the Rhodes & McMahon family face-off: Triple H & Stephanie come out first then the Rhodes Family makes their way out. Dusty says this is a shame it’s happening just because of the jealousy your family has for mine. Stephanie makes a joke of how dysfunctional the Rhodes Family is then Hunter asks Dusty if wants to know why they asked them here tonight. Triple H says “We asked you here tonight give you an offer and to your sons a chance to get a job here in the WWE again.” Dusty asks “what do they have to do.” Hunter adds to get their jobs back well…. Hunter whispers what they have to do to Dusty, Cody, & Goldust. Goldust asks is that all they have to do and Hunter says Yes that’s all. Dusty says speaking on behalf of his son they agree. Announcers question what the choice was for the Rhodes family. They also state that Bryan’s team will be announced in full next week.

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