Tuesday July 25th ECW on SC-FI:
Rene Dupree def. Tim Arson (Post Match: Dupree gets on the mic and says “It’s not that I hate William Regal, It’s not that I don’t respect him, It’s that I am sick and tired of the old school stars stopping me from taking my spot. Regal needs to hang on the boots and step aside for me to finally take my spot and become the star I am and have been destined to be.)  Hardcore Holly def. Kevin Thorn, Stevie Richards def. Kasey James, Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Local Talents, Tommy Dreamer comes out and says “Last week I challenged CM Punk and it went unanswered and it turned out he wasn’t here. I am sick of being ducked, I am sick of being treated like crap by you Punk, your time is coming when you will not be able to avoid me much longer Punk; I am going to kick your ass when I finally get you in the ring.” The lights go out in the arena, when they turn back on Mr. X, CM Punk, & Ray Gordy are all in the ring standing over Dreamer. Punk grabs a mic and says “Tommy Dreamer the only way I will face you is I have am forced to because I am above you Tommy, I am above everyone in this company because I am Straightedge that means I better then you!!!!”

Tuesday August 1st ECW on SC-FI:
Highlights of last week’s show, Elijah Burke def. Special E, Paul Heyman walks out (with a black bag in his hand) and says “We have a problem; on this show we have a lot of talent but they have nothing to show they are the best. That is why I have this bag in my hands to change all of that because the item in this bag will allow people to prove they are the best. From this point till we are down to the final two, we will be having a tournament to determine to the new……. ECW World Television Champion. William Regal def. Tim Arson (Post Match: William Regal gets attacked by Rene Dupree and lays out Regal), TV Title Tournament: Justin Credible def. Shannon Moore, CM Punk walks out with Ray Gordy & Mr. X and he says “Earlier tonight Paul Heyman said that this show has a lot of talent so he brought back the TV title. Well I don’t know what show he is watching because since I debuted I haven’t seen any competition. Just as he goes to continue he is interrupted by RVD. Rob says to Punk “So you want competition I am the best this company has and this title proves it.” Punk interrupts him and says “You think you are the best this company has you’re not I am, I am the best because I am Straightedge… before he can finish Rob slaps him and the fight is on. But the numbers game overcomes RVD and Punk, Mr. X, & Gordy attack Rob until Sandman & Sabu hit the ring to help Rob and even the odds. Punk, X, & Gordy run from the ring.

Tuesday August 8th ECW on SC-FI:
Announcers hype up the continued tension between Punk’s Group and ECW Originals, Kenny Dykstra def. Eric O’ Grady, Little Guido def. Danny Doring via DQ when Basham Brother interfere, Great Khali & Daivari def. Local Talents, Rene Dupree vs CW Anderson (Never happens because William Regal runs out prior to the match and attack Dupree, but Dupree rakes Regal’s eyes to get away from him.) ECW TV Title Tournament: Hardcore Holly def. Paul London, Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin, Paul Heyman walks out and he says “At SummerSlam we will have an 8 man Tag Team Elimination Match Originals vs Punk’s Group as we all know but the Tag Team for the Originals will be. Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, (ECW World Champion) Rob Van Dam, & Sandman they will face CM Punk, Mr. X, Ray Gordy & a mystery partner.

Tuesday August 15th ECW on SC-FI:
ECW TV Title Tournament: Super Crazy def. Johnny Swinger, Announces plug an incident that took place over the weekend, where CM Punk’s Group (Mr. X & Ray Gordy) got into a fight with Sandman & Sabu at a local bar. Joey Styles says that “We have the video and we will show it you later on tonight, Taz adds that video “is exactly why you don’t go to a bar with The Sandman and push his buttons.” Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Basham Brothers (Roadkill pins Danny), William Regal walks out and says “In this business you earn respect it’s not given to you, so when someone commands respect it’s up to other people to take them down and teach them respect. In this business you are given a spot you earn your spot, I earned my spot and Rene Dupree and I am not give you my spot, you have to take it from me. It won’t be easy because I am not going down without a fight and I will teach you the meaning of RESPECT!!!!” (The video of what looks to be a not sober Sandman & Sabu fighting with Mr. X & Ray Gordy in a bar is shown, the four men are fighting on the street outside the bar and are broken up by the cops. Around then is when the phone camera video ends and the people begin to scatter.) Punk walks out and he tells the people “Since I debuted I have said I was Straightedge I never said that about my group members because I never have we are better than I have always said I am better then you. But I am not out here to say the same thing I am here to tell you who my partner is or that’s what I was going to do until I figured you delusional, idiots don’t deserve to know who my partner is, so you just have to wait till Sunday."