November 18th Monday Night Raw

We start the show with Daniel Bryan having an announcement regarding his Survivor Series Tag Team partners. Daniel says “I have thought long and hard about who to pick, I thought who hates Randy Orton, The Shield & Triple H just as much as I do. Well I think I found my team mates (Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, & R-Truth walk to the ring and are Daniel’s partners.) Randy my team will win at Survivor Series and I will pick the stipulation for our match at TLC when I finally take the title away from you.”

Announcers continue to speculate what Triple H told the Rhodes family they had to do last week and if it has anything to do with the Elimination Tag Match at Survivor Series. Randy walks out and says “Daniel you have shown one thing since SummerSlam that’s you don’t know when to quit. You don’t know when you should say I have had enough and say to me you’re the better man, which must mean you like getting your ass kicked because that’s what I have done to you since I beat you for the WWE title. By the way Daniel you will not know my last partner until Survivor Series because you don’t deserve to know.


November 24th Survivor Series: Team Orton vs Team Bryan

Big Show is banned from the arena tonight after what happened at last month’s ppv. Triple H & Stephanie are in the ring welcoming everyone to the ppv and talking about how WWE will be when Orton finally squashes the Daniel Bryan problem. But they are cut off by The Big Show who appears on the big screen. Big Show tells them “I am in the area but I don’t plan on showing up their tonight I just wanted to let you both know after meeting with my lawyers I am filing a lawsuit against you both and the WWE for wrongful termination being one of a long list of complaints in the lawsuit. Hunter & Steph are pissed; Steph finally gets Show cut off. Team Orton vs Team Bryan (Bryan pins Orton to win) **both the Rhodes brothers walked out on the match and right passed Triple H who appeared at the top of the stage**Bryan gets to pick the stipulation for his rematch vs Orton at TLC on December 15th (Orton’s partner turns out to be Ryback)




November 25th Monday Night Raw: Bryan vs Orton stipulation is announced

Triple H walks out to start the show he says “After what happened last night Stephanie is back in Stamford trying to figure out how Big Show was able to show up on screen. Also the Survivor Series elimination match Randy you and your team disappointed me with that being said Randy & The Shield will wrestle tonight, and now to the Rhodes Brothers since you didn’t live up to our deal you will not be allowed back in the WWE. As Hunter tries to continue he is interrupted by Vince McMahon; Vince makes his way out and he says “For the last few months I have been sitting on the sidelines watching as you and my daughter run the WWE as dictators not giving a damn who you step on to get what you want. But once the Big Show said he was suing the WWE I knew I had to step in and fix things which is why as of tonight the Rhodes Family are reinstated & they face The Shield next week for the Tag Team Titles. Also the only way Big Show would drop the lawsuit is on one condition and it involves having a match at TLC; a match against you Triple H and I gave it to him. Oh yeah I was the one who made it possible for Big Show to show up on screen last night.” Have a nice night son!!!! (Hunter is pissed)

Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins def. Prime Time Players, (Prior to Ziggler vs Ambrose The Shield speak on how last night was just a bump in the and that next week when they defend the Tag Titles vs Rhodes Brothers they will end the legacy of the Rhodes Family) Dolph Ziggler def. (c) Dean Ambrose via DQ. Daniel Bryan comes out to announce the stipulation for the WWE Title Match vs Orton at TLC: Bryan says “When I beat John Cena at SummerSlam and became WWE Champion I felt like I made it, I felt like I proved everyone who said I was too small to make in the WWE I felt like I proved them all wrong. When Triple H spun me around and hit me with the Pedigree everything changed and I realized someone didn’t want me to prove everyone wrong. Someone didn’t want me to be WWE champion, I found out it was the people in charge Triple H & Stephanie they don’t think I have what it takes to be the face of WWE. Well I have made a career out of proving people wrong and in two weeks at TLC I will do it again when I beat Randy Orton & win the WWE Title. The stipulation I chose is Ironman Match, so this way if you want someone to help you they can’t it will hurt you more. Show ends with Bryan leading the crowd in a Yes Chant.


Only one more part left in this How I would book it, it the build towards TLC and the PPV will Daniel Bryan finally put an end to dictatorship, and defeat Randy Orton or will Orton's reign continue find out next time.