August 20th SummerSlam: ECW Originals vs CM Punk  

Announcers would hype up the big matches for tonight, Great Khali & Daivari def. Danny Doring & Roadkill to win the Tag Team Titles (Post Match: Basham Brothers attack Doring & Roadkill, they both hit their finishers on Danny Doring), Shelton Benjamin vs Brian Kendrick ends in a Time Limit Draw, Promo from the ECW Originals about the disrespect they have been shown by Punk, Elimination Tag Team Match: ECW Originals def. Team Punk (CM Punk, Mr. X, Ray Gordy, & Rob Conway) Dreamer pins Conway)


Tuesday August  22nd ECW on SC-FI:

Highlights of the PPV, Brian Kendrick & Paul London def Shelton Benjamin & Ryan O' Riley (Post Match: Shelton attacks Riley until Kendrick & London comeback to the ring to make the save), Basham Brothers are being interviewed and explain their actions from Sunday, Danny says “We should be ECW World Tag Team Champions because we are the best Tag Team in the ECW. Doug continues to say we chose to attack Doring and Roadkill because they are a shell of what they use to be, they aren’t one of the two best teams in ECW when they beat us it was a fluke. Danny ends it by saying we are and will always be better than Doring, Elijah Burke def. Jimmy Wang Yang, Rene Dupreec) Rob Van Dam def. Kenny Dykstra (Non-Title) (Post Match: CM Punk shows up on screen and he claims “My team didn’t lose last night Rob Conway did, I admit I made a mistake by trusting Rob Conway but that mistake has been fixed as you will not being seeing him anymore. I am aware of the stipulation of that match & what it means now, RVD you just need to know that you should get my title ready because once I beat Dreamer I am coming for your title.”


Tuesday August 29th ECW on SC-FI:

ECW TV Title Tournament: William Regal def. Kevin Thorn, Announcers hype the idea that Tommy Dreamer will finally get his hands on Punk at Survivor Series & also announce that the CM Punk Open Challenge Returns tonight, ECW TV Title Tournament: Rene Dupree def. Shannon Moore, Sabu def. Mr. X, Basham Brothers def. Tim Arson & Special E (Danny pins Arson), Danny Doring & Roadkill are being interviewed about the Basham’s actions from the PPV & last week. Doring says “To say this company was built on respect for the other wrestlers in the locker room would be a lie, because it wasn’t but this company was built by people who weren’t given a chance by the WWE or WCW to do what they loved. Now the Basham Brothers say they are better than us because they are a WWE Tag Team or because they think we lost a step. Well boys if you want to see if we lost a step how about you grow a pair and meet us in the ring.” ECW TV Title Tournament: Elijah Burke def. Little Guido, Shelton Benjamin challenges Paul London to a match next week on ECW, CM Punk ECW Original Open Challenge: CM Punk defoff where Dreamer points to the Survivor Series banner hanging up in the arena) 


Tuesday September 5th ECW on SC-FI:

Paul Heyman has a special announcement to make regarding the tournament to determine the New ECW World Television Champion. The announcement is the final to opening round matches will happen next week, and then in two weeks a Battle Royal will be held where the winner receives a bye in the tournament to the 2ndShelton Benjamin def. Paul London (Post Match: Benjamin continues the assault on London until Brian Kendrick runs in to make the save), Joey Styles & Taz announce that the Sandman has accepted CM Punk’s challenge and will face Punk tonight, (c) Great Khali & Daivari def. Val Venis & Viscera to retain the Tag Team Titles (Daivari pins Venis), Highlights of the Television Title Tournament Thus Far, Chris Chetti & Nova def. Basham Brothers off a distraction from Danny Doring & Roadkill (Post Match: Doring & Roadkill and The Basham Brothers have a face off), Announcers hype up the Main Event, CW Anderson def. Knux, CM Punk ECW Original Open Challenge: CM Punk defs a 3 on 1 attack on The Sandman until Tommy Dreamer hits the ring with a Chair sending the heels running out of the ring)