Tuesday September 12th ECW on SC-FI:
ECW TV Title Tournament: Balls Mahoney def. Paul Burchill, Video Hyping Elijah Burke, William Regal walks and says “I have been wrestling since I was age 15 and I have traveled everywhere in the United States, Canada, & Europe. I have really given my life to this sport and yet I still don’t get the respect I deserve because in this business there is an un-written code to respect those who came before you. Over the last few weeks I have been disrespected by Rene Dupree even though he believes he belongs in this business that doesn’t mean he is entitled to special rights, just because his dad was in the business, this just shows why WWE’s future looks bleak if they depend on people like Rene Dupree.” ECW TV Title Tournament: 6 Man Battle Royal: Won By Kid Kash, Video hyping up Hardcore Holly, CM Punk ECW Original Open Challenge: CM Punk def. Axl Rotten (Post Match: Mr. X & Ray Gordy run in and attack Axl they lay him out in the middle of the ring after putting him through a table. Punk’s group stands tall in the middle of the ring to end the show.)

Tuesday September 19th ECW on SC-FI:
Video Hyping William Regal, ECW TV Title Tournament Round 2: Rene Dupree def. Super Crazy, Paul London & Brian Kendrick challenge Shelton Benjamin to a tag match Kendrick says “Shelton all you have to do is find someone that you can bear teaming or someone who can put up with you.” Video hyping Kid Kash, ECW TV Title Tournament Round 2: Elijah Burke def. Balls Mahoney, CM Punk walks down with his group (Mr. X, Ray Gordy, & Kelly Kelly) he starts talking and says “Since I debut in this company I have beaten every single person this company has put in front of me. I have beaten all of your heroes because I am Straightedge that makes me better then each everyone of you!!!! People say I am ducking Tommy Dreamer because anytime he tries to fight me I avoid it well Tommy I know you can hear me get out here and let’s get this over with. Tommy be a man get out here and fight me let’s get this over with, (Dreamer’s Music Hits) Nobody comes out to the ring; Punk is smiling in the ring and says “He must be backstage drinking and living up to the standard that every ECW Originals have set in our minds. This makes CW Anderson, Danny Doring & Roadkill run out to the ring and the Brawl is on. Out of nowhere the Basham Brothers run out but Doring & Roadkill see them coming and the war between them is on. Then even more people run out namely Stevie Richards, Justin Credible, Sabu all run down as well the fighting is now crazy and all of over the arena. The show goes off is chaos!!!!

Tuesday September 26th ECW on SC-FI:
Highlighting the ending of the show from Last Week, ECW TV Title Tournament Round 2: Hardcore Holly def. William Regal (Holly wins off the distraction from Dupree), Paul Heyman comes out and says “Even though I like chaos as much as the next guy we need to keep things somewhat controlled so tonight CM Punk, Mr. X, Ray Gordy, & The Basham Brothers will step in the ring against Danny Doring & Roadkill, CW Anderson, Tommy Dreamer, & Sabu in a 10 Man Tag Match. Also I am allowing Rob Van Dam to pick his next challenger for ECW World Title. Also with his win in the Battle Royal I am allowing Kid Kash to advance to the 3rd round of the TV Title Tournament. (c) Daivari & Great Khali def. Val Venis & Viscera to retain the ECW Tag Team Titles (Daivari pins Val), Highlights of the feud between Paul London & Brain Kendrick vs Shelton Benjamin, Shelton Benjamin & Kevin Thorn def. Paul London (Brian Kendrick is attacked backstage prior to the match beginning and isn’t cleared to wrestle), Punk’s Group is seen strategizing backstage, ECW Originals are seen making their way to the ring, Main Event: 10 Man Tag Team Match: CM Punk, Mr. X, Ray Gordy, & Basham Brothers def. ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer, CW Anderson, Sabu, Roadkill, & Danny Doring) Danny pins Sabu to get the win

Tuesday October 3rd ECW on SC-FI:
Highlights of the TV Title Tournament thus far, Sabu def. Danny Basham, Rob Van Dam is being interviewed and tells the interviewer “Last week, Paul said that he is allowing me to pick my next opponent for my title. First I want to say even though the title hasn’t been in the big picture over the last few weeks that doesn’t mean it means any less. It just means I am picking my spot to where to strike I am not going to loss this title because I was stupid. Over the course of my career there has been one man I have wanted to fight but never got the chance to fight him… Justin Credible. Justin I have always wanted to fight you but have never had the chance until now, all I have to add is we are going to tear down the house. Brian Kendrick & Paul London run in the ring and they are pissed off, Kendrick says “Shelton before last week this thing between us was all about competition, but when you tried to take me out you made it personal.” Paul London adds “Shelton this is not a battle to see who the best is anymore now it’s a war.” Kenny Dykstra def. Tim Arson, Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Mr. X & Ray Gordy (Doring pins Gordy), William Regal walks out and says “Rene Dupree this it, I have had it I am done with the disrespect. You think I am not worth respect well you are one of the only people in the wrestling business to not have respect for what I have done in this business. But you helped me figured out that over the last few years I have gotten soft, Rene Dupree you are about to see the most ruthless, hard hitting, Son of a Gun you have ever met in this business.