Tuesday December 5th ECW on SC-FI:

Brian Kendrick, Kid Kash, Paul London def. Shelton Benjamin, Masked Man, & Elijah Burke (Kash pins Benjamin), Carlito def. Stevie Richards, Announcers hype the history between Punk & Dreamer, then hype the match between the two next week and what a win would mean for both men, William Regal def. Ryan O’ Riley (Post Match: Rene Dupree shows up on the big screen and gets Regal’s attention pretty quick he says “William don’t both to come looking for me as I am not at the arena tonight but I heard what you said two weeks ago and my response is I should have you arrested for threatening me but instead I will just end your career at December to Dismember.” Regal jumps in says “I accept and let me just it will be fight you will never forget.” Little Guido def. Danny Doring, Daivari, Shad & Danny Basham in a 5 way match (Guido pins Danny), Announcers hype Tag Team main event RVD & Justin Credible vs Ray Gordy & Mr. X, Ray Gordy & Mr. X def. Rob Van Dam & Justin Credible after Justin walked out on RVD leaving him to fight both Gordy & Mr. X alone.


Tuesday December 12th ECW on SC-FI: The Number 1 Contender is…….

ECW Television Title Match announced for December to Dismember between Elijah Burke & Kid Kash, Doug Basham def. Tony Mamaluke, Roadkill, Great Khali & JTG in a 5 way match (Doug pins Roadkill), Announcer plug a Justin Credible explanation later tonight, Hype video of CM Punk, Rene Dupree def. Balls Mahoney (Post Match: Rene grabs a mic and says “What you just saw is an example of exactly what I going to do to William Regal at December to Dismember.”) Video hype of Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke def. Paul London (Post Match: Shelton & Masked Man run in and attack London until Kendrick makes the save evening the score and the faces run the heels off), Justin Credible is being interviewed he says “Rob I walked out on you last week because you needed someone to wake you up for you to figure out that you’re not special. Just because you hold the World Title doesn’t mean you’re the best it means you got lucky once when you won it. Your win against me was a fluke and I will make sure that something like that never happens again and that the next time you defend that title it will be your last.” #1 Contender Match for the World Title: CM Punk def. Tommy Dreamer off a distraction from Justin Credible (Post Match: Justin Credible and Punk embrace in the middle of the ring)


December 19th ECW on SC-FI:

Highlights of the ending last week, CM Punk comes out with Gordy, Mr. X, & Justin Credible and he says “On Sunday I will finally accomplish what I set out to do since I arrived in ECW and that is winning the World Title.” Justin adds his explanation for joining Punk and he says “When RVD beat me at Survivor Series I realized that I might have lost my only chance to win back the World Title. Then I thought how else can I make sure RVD doesn’t hold the title anymore well I thought why don’t I pick who beats him, and that’s what I did last week.” Paul Heyman comes out and tells Punk “Punk you have your match against Rob on Sunday but tonight you and your new friend Justin will face RVD & Tommy Dreamer in a Tag Match winner picks the stipulations for their matches on Sunday. Also Justin you’re facing the man you cost the title last week on Sunday, you’re facing Tommy Dreamer. Paul London vs Masked Man the match never starts because both Benjamin & Kendrick enter the ring and the brawl is on, Stevie Richards def. El Locale (Post Match: Carlito appears and challenges Stevie Richards to a match on Sunday he says “We have fought twice already and both of us have a win so let’s settle the score on Sunday winner take all.” Stevie accepts. William Regal def. Ryan O’ Riley (Post Match: Regal says “Rene if you thought what I just did was bad what I am going to do to you on Sunday will be far worse.” Tag Team Main Event: Tommy Dreamer & RVD def. Justin Credible & CM Punk via DQ when Ray Gordy interfered (Post Match: Rob & Tommy agreed that the stipulations for their matches will be a match were interference is next impossible Tommy says “At December to Dismember our matches are……. Steel Cage!!!!!!!!

Saturday December 23rd December to Dismember: The World Champion is……

Backstage: Punk is seen yelling at Ray Gordy & Mr. X saying “If they didn’t screw up last week Punk wouldn’t be in a Cage Match tonight.” He tells them they have to prove themselves tonight or face consequences. Stevie Richards vs Carlito never starts because Punk’s Crew (Gordy, Mr. X, & Justin Credible) hit the ring and attack Carlito and Stevie. Justin says “Tommy Dreamer you think your all high and mighty, you think beat me and Punk with the games you’re playing by making tonight a Cage Match. Well you’re wrong, and tonight Rob, You, & everyone else will figure out why we are the best in ECW.” Announced that if Shelton Benjamin & Masked Man lose tonight he has to unmask, Basham Brothers def. Danny Doring & Roadkill, ECW TV Title Match: Kid Kash def. Elijah Burke to win the TV Title (Post Match: Burke attacks Kash and leaves him lying), Highlights of the History between Brian Kendrick/Paul London & Shelton Benjamin/Masked Man, Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. Shelton Benjamin & Masked Man (because of the lose the Masked Man must remove his mask (Post Match: The Masked Man refuses to remove his mask as he and Shelton leave the arena), Rene Dupree def. William Regal with the use of a foreign object, ECW Tag Team Title Match: (c) Great Khali & Daivari def. Cryme Tyme (Khali pins JTG) to retain the Tag Team Titles, Events that lead to RVD vs Punk for the World Title, Steel Cage Match: Justin Credible def. Tommy Dreamer, ECW World Title Match: CM Punk def. (c) Rob Van Dam to win the World Title


Tuesday December 26th ECW on SC-FI:

Highlights from the PPV, Announcers are told that Benjamin & Masked Man will not show up on ECW until they get a fair rematch against London & Kendrick where the Masked Man doesn’t lose his Masked in a loss. Also the Announcers say that CM Punk isn’t here tonight as he is off celebrating his title win. Carlito & Stevie Richards def. Ray Gordy & Mr. X via Count-Out, Elijah Burke is being interviewed and says “I should be World TV Champion not Kid Kash, the ref didn’t see Kash grabbing my tights when he was pinning me he cheated to win and plus he is past his prime and shouldn’t still be wrestling. He should be enjoying his golden years at a retirement home instead taking my spot and holding something that shouldn’t be his. You’re not done yet Kash; you have gotten the full effect of the Elijah Experience.” William Regal def. Special E (Post Match: Rene Dupree appears and he says “Regal you may have beaten him tonight but you didn’t beat me on Sunday. I proved I am better then you and I proved you don’t have what it takes anymore. So now step aside and let the new blood take the spot I deserve.” Regal interrupts and says “Rene you don’t get reward for what you think you deserve you want my spot you have to earn it. Because I will not give it up willing so you’ll have to take it from me.” Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Basham Brothers, Great Khali, & Justin Credible (Doring pins Doug) Post Match: Doring & Roadkill call out the Basham Brothers to face them again because Doring & Roadkill say they need to prove to themselves they still have it.