Conclusion: ECW 2006 Looking Back

This How I Would Book it, took me quite a long time to finish but I think this one was by far the best one I did thus far. I do apologize for not getting them out as often as I should have but I do hope you enjoyed them when they did come out. Well looking back I do think this totally different how it really went because Punk wasn't a face and I had no Extreme Elimination Chamber. But I think it was pretty good if I say so myself with the feuds and using talent WWE wasn’t using at that time. The feuds I leave them with are Punk’s Group vs ECW Originals, Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Basham Brothers, Kid Kash vs Elijah Burke, William Regal vs Rene Dupree, Shelton Benjamin & Masked Man vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick, and Stevie Richards vs Carlito. Also with a lot of great talent open on the roster waiting for direction like Hardcore Holly, Khali & Daivari, CW Anderson, The FBI, Kevin Thorn, & Many others. I want to know what guys think was this better then how it really went. Once again I apologize for lack of consistency with this post series I hope to change that with the next coming series.

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