Saturday May 27th Superstars: Billings, Montana

Barry Horowitz def. Bob Backlund, Hakushi def. Travis, 123 Kid def. Mike Howell, Skip w/ Sunny def. Bushwhacker Luke, Heavenly Bodies def. Smoking Guns (Tom pins Billy), Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. Aldo Montoya, Allied Powers def. IRS & Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase (Smith pins IRS)


Monday May 29th Monday Night RAW: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jacob & Eli Blu def. Tekno Team 2000 (Eli pins Travis), Hakushi def. Doink the Clown, The New President is about introduced and it is Wrestling Legend Gorilla Monsoon. Gorilla says his first motion as President is to officially make Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Henry Godwin in a Hog Pen Match, a match at King of the Ring and if Helmsley doesn’t wrestle he will be suspended. Next order of business the WWF Champion Diesel seems to have a problem with Bret Hart so tonight Diesel will face the Hitman one on one if Bret wins he gets a shot. (c) Razor Ramon def. Brooklyn Brawler, Owen Hart def. Moe, Bam-Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase def. Bob Holly (Post Match: The light go out and when they come back on there is a casket at ringside Bam-Bam looks inside and it’s a manikin of Bigelow in the casket.) Jeff Jarrett def. Duke Droese, (c) Diesel vs Bret Hart end in a Draw (Post Match: Diesel attack Bret again and once again lays him out with the Jacknife


Saturday June 3rd Superstars: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase def. Rick Wilson, Bushwhackers def. Allen Wolfe & Wilson Davis (Luke pins Allen), Barry Horowitz def. Jerry Lawler, Hakushi def. Brooklyn Brawler, King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase def. Jean Pierre Lafitte, Skip w/ Sunny def. Duke Droese, Allied Powers def. Headshrinkers (Lex pins Fatu)


Monday June 5th Monday Night Raw: Indianapolis, IN

KOTR Qualifier: Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. The Roadie, Tekno Team 2000 def. Smoking Guns (Post Match: Smoking Guns attacks Travis & Troy), Henry Godwin def. Bob Holly, Mabel def Man Mountain Rock via DQ (Yoko comes out and attacks Mabel which causes the DQ then Yoko delivers the Banzai Drop to Mabel), KOTR Qualifier: Barry Horowitz def. Jeff Jarrett via Submission, Heavenly Bodies def. Razor Ramon & 123 Kid (Del Ray pins Kid), Alundra Blayze def. Heidi Morgan, Backstage: 123 Kid & Razor are arguing about the tag match from earlier, Bam-Bam Bigelow & IRS w/ Ted DiBiase def. Darrell Antony & Troy Watts (IRS pins Watts) Post Match: Light go out and then you could The Undertaker voice in the arena he says “Ted DiBiase you surrounded with people you bought but if they weren’t around you anymore. I will end the Million Dollar Corporation one by one I will make every member Rest in Peace.” Bret Hart def. Yokozuna (Post Match: Mable comes out and attacks Yoko which leads to a fight between the two biggest men in the WWF as the show ends)


Saturday June 10th Superstars: Indianapolis, IN

Skip w/ Sunny def. Brooklyn Brawler, Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. Nate Wills, Razor Ramon & 123 Kid def. Heavenly Bodies (Razor pins Tom), Vignette airs for Waylon Mercy, Barry Horowitz def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley via Count-out (Henry Godwin was on commentary during the match Hunter & Henry started to fight), Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase def. Aldo Montoya (Post Match: DiBiase cuts a promo on Undertaker saying “Undertaker you don’t scare me because I have something over you nobody else does I brought into the WWF and I surely can take you out of it.” The lights go down were hear the Undertaker’s music but nothing and then we see druids coming down. When the lights come on Tatanka is gone.


Monday June 12th Monday Night Raw: Columbus, OH

President Gorilla Monsoon announced that he wants to make the King of the Ring special this year because; he will give the winner a WWF Championship match at SummerSlam against whomever the champion is at the time. Also Bam-Bam Bigelow will face Bret Hart the winner is #1 Contender to face Diesel at King of the Ring. Bart Gunn w/ Billy def. Travis w/ Troy, Vignette for Waylon Mercy, Bob Holly def. Hakushi (Post Match: Hakushi attacks Bob Holly and Hakushi starts beating Bob with his Japanese head dress), Doink The Clown def. Jean Pierre Lafitte, Razor Ramon w/ 123 Kid def. Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman, Backstage: Diesel is being interviewed he says “Once again I have been the World Champion since November yet I am still treated as second best to Bret Hart it’s load of you know what. Bret Hart I hope you win tonight so at King of the Ring I can show everyone that I am better then you and exactly why I am World Champion.” KOTR Qualifier: IRS w/ Ted DiBiase def. Bob Backlund (Post Match: Ted DiBiase grabs a mic and once again talks about The Undertaker he says “Undertaker you think by abducting one of my clients your winning your wrong, you think just because you have played mind games with Bam-Bam Bigelow he is scared of you your wrong, you think…. The lights go out and a gong ring through the arena. A casket being brought to ringside the lights come on and when IRS opens the casket Tatanka is in it. Then we hear Undertaker’s voice say one down 3 more to go, Good Luck DiBiase. (c) Alundra Blayze def. Alexa Rosa, Bret Hart def. Bam-Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase via Count-Out (The Undertaker’s gong went off which made DiBiase send Bigelow to the stage to stop him but then Bam-Bam gets counted out) Post Match: Diesel tries to attack Bret Hart again but he is stopped by Bret who fights him off and ends the show holding the WWF Title above his head.


Saturday June 17th Superstars: Newark, NJ

Men on a Mission def. William McReynolds & Colin McDonald (Moe pins William), Skip w/ Sunny def. Paul Wilson, Aldo Montoya def. Bob Holly via DQ after Hakushi runs in and attacks Bob Holly, Promo Video for King of the Ring on June 25th Live on PPV, Smoking Guns def. 123 Kid & Razor Ramon (Bart pins Kid), Duke Droese vs Henry Godwin No Contest as Helmsley and Henry get into a fight before the match even starts, Barry Horowitz def. Bushwhacker Luke via Submission, Headshrinkers def. Allied Powers (Fatu pins Luger)


Monday June 19th Monday Night Raw: Newark, NJ

Jeff Jarrett def. Scott Armstrong, Owen Hart & Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette def. Tekno Team 2000 (Owen pins Travis), Diesel vs Bret Hart contract signing later tonight, Razor walks out to the ring he says even though he is the Intercontinental champion he is showing everyone he can go in tag team to. Now things haven’t worked out with me and Kid as a team so I thought try a new partner... Savio Vega. Savio Vega & Razor Ramon def. Heavenly Bodies (Savio pins Tom) Post Match: Savio & Razor celebrate as 123 Kid looks on jealous), Barry Horowitz def. Hakushi (Post Match: Horowitz gets attacked by Hakushi but then Bob Holly runs in to make the save), Hype for King of the Ring, Owen Hart & Yoko vs Men on a Mission announced for Sunday for the Tag Titles, KOTR Qualifier: Psycho Sid def. Man Mountain Rock, Alundra Blayze def. Helen Waldorf, History package of Henry Godwin vs Helmsley feud, Lex Luger def. Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman, Backstage: 123 Kid is seen leaving the arena then turns to the camera and says Razor we may not be able to win as a team but I thought you were my friend, WWF Title Contract Signing: Diesel & Bret Hart faceoff


Saturday June 24th Superstars: Philadelphia, PA

Jerry Lawler def. Danny Louis, Bushwhackers def. John & Randy Owens (Luke pins Randy), Doink the Clown def. Matt Hardy, Skip w/ Sunny def. Joe Aden, Bob Holly def. Hakushi (Post Match: Hakushi goes to attack Bob Holly again and this Barry Horowitz comes down to make the save), Allied Powers def. Jeff Davis & Chris Carter (Davey pins Jeff), 4 Man Battle Royal for a spot in the KOTR won by Jacob Blu


Sunday June 25th King of the Ring: Philadelphia, PA

KOTR Quarter Finals: Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. Jacob Blu, Tag Title Match: (c) Owen Hart & Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette def. Men on a Mission (Yoko pins Moe), KOTR Quarterfinals: Barry Horowitz def. (c) Razor Ramon w/ Savio Vega (123 Kid & Savio get in a fight on the floor which distracts Razor, Post Match: Razor is pissed at 123 Kid), Hog Pen Match: Henry Godwin def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Backstage: Michaels & Sid are talking about their match & Michaels tells Sid to lay down for him Sid shakes his and Michaels leaves, KOTR Quarter Final Match: Psycho Sid def. Shawn Michaels (Sid was going to lay down for Shawn but then changed his mind), Bertha Faye def. Alundra Blayze, hype for Main Event WWF Title Match, Announcers who the mystery opponent is for IRS, KOTR Quarter Finals: Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer def. IRS w/ Ted DiBiase, Backstage: Bret Hart is being interviewed he says “Since In Your House all we have heard is the WWF Champion complaining about how he isn’t being “treated like a champion” well maybe he isn’t being treated like a champion because he isn’t acting like one. Diesel that you have is the most important thing in our sport and if you don’t treated with respect someone will come and take it from you and that’s me because I am the Best there is, I am the Best there was & I am the Best there Ever will Be!!! If you don’t believe me I will prove it. KOTR Semi-Finals: Barry Horowitz def. Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman via Submission, Announcers plug Horowitz as the Wild Card & the fact he has been unbeaten on Superstars for almost 2 months, KOTR Semi-Final Match: Psycho Sid def. Undertaker via Count-out when Bam-Bam Bigelow comes out and lures Undertaker up the stage away from the ring, Announcers put over everyone who participated in the KOTR and the two who made it to the finals, KOTR Finals: Undertaker def. Barry Horowitz, History Package for the World Title Match: (c) Diesel def. Bret Hart


Monday June 26th Monday Night Raw: Pittsburgh, PA

Highlights of the King of the Ring, Hakushi def. Bob Holly, Waylon Mercy vignette, Savio Vega w/ Razor Ramon def. 123 Kid (Kid grabs a mic and he says “Razor we may not be able to win together but I have beaten you before and I can beat you again. I challenge to a match at In Your House 2.” Razor accepts Kid’s challenge for a match at In Your House. (c) Yokozuna & Owen Hart def. Blu Brothers (Yoko pins Eli), Skip w/ Sunny def. Travis, Bertha Faye def. (c) Alundra Blayze to win the Woman’s Championship, Diesel is out he grabs a mic and starts “I told you I would prove that I deserve to be treated better then Bret Hart not only because I am World Champion but because I am better then Bret Hart. I am the greatest World Champion in the history of this company; Out comes Bob Backlund who says he disagree with Diesel and lays out a challenge for later tonight to prove him wrong. Barry Horowitz def. (c) Razor Ramon to win the Intercontinental Championship, Backstage: Bret Hart is seen talking to President Monsoon and Bret is asking for a rematch; Monsoon says he has to earn it. Waylon Mercy vignette, (c) Diesel def. Bob Backlund (Post Match: Diesel continues to assault Backlund but then Bret Hart runs out to make the save), Coronation Ceremony Crowning the New King announced for Next Week