Saturday September 2nd Superstars:

Kama def. Mike Bell, Smoking Guns def. Bill Garrett & Cory Wade (Bart pins Cory), 123 Kid pins Brooklyn Brawler, Razor Ramon def. Jeff Hardy, Jean Pierre Lafitte def. Brian Walsh, The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer def. Tony DeVito, Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Aviator


Monday September 11th Monday Night Raw:

Promo for In Your House 3 live on PPV on September 24th, Henry Godwin def. Hakushi, Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Matt Hardy (Ted DiBiase is watching the match), Skip & Jeff Jarrett w/ Sunny def. Troy Haste & Al Brown (Skip pins Brown), British Bulldog vs Lex Luger ends in a No-Contest (Post Match: Camp Cornette assault Lex Luger until Men on a Mission run in to make the save), Men on a Mission def. Blu Brothers (Mabel pins Jacob), Shawn Michaels def. Scott Taylor (Barry Horowitz is on commentary), Backstage: Men on a Mission is being interviewed Moe says “Even though we have had the best luck against Owen & Yoko that doesn’t mean we are giving up they are trying to use a multi man advantage against Lex. We won’t let you guys take that advantage if we can do anything about it, so or a later Owen & Yoko we are going to take your Tag Titles from you. Psycho Sid def. Jason Arndt, Champion vs Champion: (c) Diesel def. (c) Barry Horowitz


Saturday September 16th Superstars:

Dean Douglas w/ Unabomber def. Leroy Howard (Post Match: Dean grabs a mic and bashes Shawn Michaels for caring to much about his looks and calls Barry Horowitz the reason people think WWF is a joke), Razor Ramon def. Gary Scott, Aldo Montoya def. Black Phantom, (c) Barry Horowitz def. Henry Godwin to retain Intercontinental Title


Monday September 18th Monday Night Raw:

Psycho Sid def. Brooklyn Brawler, Promo for In Your House 3, (c) Barry Horowitz def. Hakushi via Submission (Post Match: Horowitz grabs a mic and asks Shawn Michaels to come out to the ring. Barry asks Shawn “if he thinks they can put there fighting for the IC title aside and untie to teach Dean Douglas a lesson or two in respect.” Shawn answers “I thought you’d never ask.” Shawn Michaels & Barry Horowitz vs Unabomber & Dean Douglas on Sunday, Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Avitar (Post Match: Ted DiBiase walks down to the ring and offers to be Hunter’s manager. Hunter nods as he and DiBiase leave ringside), Bret Hart def. Jean Pierre Lafitte, (c) Diesel vs Undertaker in the Main Event, Backstage: Brian Armstrong being interviewed about Jeff Jarrett and returning to the WWF, “For those who may not know me I was The Roadie for Jeff Jarrett. He let me go as a partner and a lot of my critics thought my career here was done, but if my dad taught us one thing that was don’t go down without a fight. Jeff you tried to take me out of the business we both grew up loving, and grew up in that’s not cool Jeff and weather it’s me and Savio vs you & Skip or we fight one on one doesn’t matter I am not done with you yet.” Moe & Lex Luger def. Owen Hart & British Bulldog via DQ when Jim Cornette & Yokozuna intervene which leads to Mabel come in to help his team. Men on a Mission & Lex Luger vs Camp Cornette w/ Cornette banned from ringside, Dean’s report card w/ Unabomber (Dean talks about how Shawn & Barry are making a big mistake by challenging them to a match, he adds Shawn & Barry you to well get the truth beaten into you), (c) Diesel vs Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer (Diesel goes after Paul Bearer which enrages The Undertaker causing a Double Count-Out)


Saturday September 23rd Superstars:

Razor Ramon def. Mike Dean, Blacksmith destroys Dan Alson & Sergio Walker, Henry Godwin def. Bob Holly, Smoking Guns def. Blu Brothers (Billy pins Jacob), Announcers are told a message directly from the desk of Gorilla Monsoon: “Due to the direct violation of WWF policy that took place during the Main Event on Monday Night when Diesel attempted to put his hands on a non-wrestler in Paul Bearer. He must face the consequence but instead of punishing him the common I will be making him compete this Sunday against The Undertaker in a World Title Match. Skip w/ Sunny def. Savio Vega


Sunday September 24th In Your House 3:

Shawn Michaels & Barry Horowitz def. Dean Douglas & Unabomber (Shawn pins Unabomber) Post Match: The fight continues as Shawn & Barry clear the ring but then out of nowhere Shawn super kicks Horowitz to the ground. Brian Armstrong vs Jeff Jarrett (Match never starts as Jeff attacks Brian prior to the match and leaves him unable to compete), Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/ Ted DiBiase def. Bob Backlund, Main Event hype, Men on a Mission & Lex Luger def. Camp Cornette (Mable pins Owen), President Gorilla Monsoon makes his way to the ring and announces that Jeff Jarrett will compete tonight against the newest WWF Superstar right now. Goldust def. Jeff Jarrett, 123 Kid vs Bret Hart (draw), World Title Match: (c) Diesel def. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer (Ted DiBiase runs in and distracts Undertaker long enough for Diesel to win)

Monday September 25th Monday Night Raw:

Highlights of In Your House 3, Smoking Guns def. Headshrinkers (Bart pins Fatu), Goldust def. Hakushi, Razor Ramon def. Waylon Mercy, Backstage: Camp Cornette interview, Davey Boy Smith takes the mic and says he can’t believe he stood with Lex Luger for as long as I did, and asked how he could be so blind not to see that Lex wasn’t a real man and now he is jealous of Davey Boy and can’t beat him without friends. If you were a man Lex face me one on one Next Week, then Owen takes the mic and says it’s obvious that WWF Management doesn’t want us to be champions because they constantly put us against one team just because they get lucky a couple of times, and now tonight we have to beat them again. Well I want a stake on tonight’s match that when we beat Men on a Mission again this is the last time they can challenge for the championship. Dean Douglas w/ Unabomber def. Shawn Michaels, Men on a Mission def. (c) Camp Cornette w/ Jim Cornette (Mabel pins Yoko) to win the Tag Team Champions, Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/ Ted DiBiase vs 123 Kid (Undertaker walks out and attacks both Hunter & 123 Kid an leave both guys lying), Bret Hart def. Bob Backlund, Diesel def. Psycho Sid


Saturday September 30th Superstars:

Brooklyn Brawler & Aldo Montoya def. Justin Wilson & Mike Bell (Brawler pins Justin), Razor Ramon def. Jeff Hardy, Skip w/ Sunny def. Robert Fader, Jeff Jarrett def. Goldust via DQ when Brian Armstrong runs in and attacks Jeff Jarrett returning the favor from In Your House. Savio Vega def. Dean Douglas w/ Unabomber (Horowitz is on Commentary), Lex Luger def. Owen Hart