December 2nd Monday Night Raw: 2 weeks before TLC

Highlights of Vince McMahon’s return to RAW from last week, announcers push the tension between Triple H & Big Show. Triple H comes out and he says “Since my father-in law isn’t here I have full power and Big Show if you show up here tonight I will have you arrested and put in jail like you showed be. Show I hate to tell you but I am not a wrestler anymore so I will not be fighting you at TLC so if you want to try and sue me go ahead you big dumb idiot. Announcers show us a tout sent out by the Rhodes Brothers about what Triple H wanted them to do for them to get their job back, also Michael Cole shares details of the interview he conducted with The Rhodes Brothers on why they walk out. We find out the Rhodes Brother were told to get their back they had to screw Daniel Bryan which is why they walked out. Rhodes Brothers def. (c) The Shield to win the Tag Team Titles, Orton vs Bryan contract signing announced for next week.


December 9th Monday Night Raw: Last Raw before TLC

Highlights of the Rhodes Brothers winning the tag titles, (c) Dean Ambrose def. Great Kahli via DQ, Daniel Bryan is out next and talks about what the match on Sunday vs Orton means to him and that he isn’t worried about because like Orton he has authority on his side. He ends the promo with a question to the audience, Will Daniel Bryan win the WWE Title this Sunday…… YES! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!

Rhodes Brothers def. 3MB (Post Match: They are attacked by The Shield and taken apart, after triple power bombing both Cody & Goldust they each pose with a title belt. The Bella Twins def. AJ & Tamina (Post Match: Randy Orton walks down and gets in Brie’s face telling her “If you love your fiancé you better tell him that if he shows up Sunday it will be the biggest mistake of his career.” Daniel Bryan runs in and once Orton sees him coming he bails.

Contract Signing: Tensions are high at the WWE Title match contract signing; no fight happens just words are exchanged. Also Vince who hosted the signing adds a stipulation, if anyone interferes in any way in this contest they will FIRED on the spot. Myself, Triple H, Stephanie, and other management officials will have part in this match. There will be a winner either Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton.


December 15th Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV: the feud ends here

Video highlights of the events between Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton up to this point. Also I’d air a tout in which Hunter wants to attempt to settle this lawsuit with Big Show like civilized men so that means if you lay a hand on me I will have you place in jail. But Big Show lets meet a settle this next Monday on Raw. Rhodes Brothers def. The Shield in No DQ match to retain Tag Team Titles, WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan def. (c) Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship in an Ironman Match


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