A little background on Flip Kendrick before the interview; He may also be known as Flip Casanova from the short time he was with TNA back in 2012. But he is more known as Flip Kendrick as he has been apart of various independent wrestling companies in the US. Speaking Independent Companies if you are in or around the Parma, OH area this Saturday go visit the Ohio Nets Sports Complex for a great night of wrestling from the guys at Prime Wrestling.

For those readers who may not know you, why not give a little background on yourself?

FK: My name is Flip Kendrick. I made my debut around End of 2006 - Beginning 2007. Although I didn't officially start doing a lot of shows till 2008. I was trained Christian Faith (aka Ricky Shane Page) in Ohio.

Were you a fan of wrestling growing up? If yes was there anyone you saw who made you say I want to do this?

FK: I was definitely a fan of wrestling growing up. I used to watch WWE back in day when it was on in the mornings. A long the way, I got into WCW when the cruiserweight division was at its height, so Rey Mysterio was definitely a big influence as well Juvi. As for WWE in the early days, I loved watching Jeff Hardy and Essa Rios. Those guys were amazing and talented. Watching cruiserweight wrestling really made me a fan of the athleticism involved in wrestling, not to mention it made me want to go out and try the moves they were performing. A couple years after that began watching ROH/TNA with Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, and Amazing Red; those were the guys really pushing the limits. When they were in the beginning days of ROH I was just learning how to flip.

Who is the best opponent you have been in the ring with, & who did you enjoy feuding with the most?

FK: I used to enjoy working with my brother Louis Lyndon a lot but as time goes on I'd rather tag with him then work against him. I haven’t had any long time feuds with anyone in the singles division so I don’t really have a favorite feud. The best wrestler I've worked with would have to be Paul London at Lucha Libre USA.


If you could have a dream match with anyone in the wrestling active or retired who would you pick and why. Also what type of match would it be Singles, Tag Team, Multi Man, Gimmick match, etc and if there was any specific reason to pick the stipulation?

FK: If I could work a dream match, I would like to work with Rey Mysterio Jr. in a singles match. He was really the first person that made me believe that it didn't matter what size were in wrestling. If he could do it I could do it.


Out of all the companies you have worked for which company you have liked working for the most? What was it like working for TNA if you don’t mind me asking?

FK: JAPW and HYBRID were probably my favorite companies to work for. The atmosphere at HYBRID was fun and all wrestlers were real friendly. JAPW was always exciting and interesting. There were always big names at the shows whether they were from TNA or ROH. TNA was amazing to work at and I'm very appreciative for the opportunity. The tapings they had when they were down in Universal Studios were very different. The studio is not nearly as big as I had imagined but in a good way.

Have you modeled your in-ring or mic style after any or the past wrestlers or managers?

FK: My in ring style is kind of a hybrid of Pac and Jack Evans. But I gather ideas from a lot of things and lot of wrestlers. A lot of what I do I got from this sport called martial arts tricking and just incorporated it into my wrestling style.

Also if there is any event for a specific company or form of social media you’d like to plug feel free to.

FK: follow me on twitter @FlipKendrick You can catch me this Saturday October 15 at IWC Wrestling. I'm a regular at AIW Wrestling so check out their dates for shows in Cleveland, OH.