Welcome to another interview, today I spoke with Independent wrestling up and comer Stan Stylez. Stan has been wrestling since 2009 but more recently has found a home in the young company On Point Wrestling, they just debuted last January. Now that I gave a little background let's not waste anymore time and let's get to the interview:



For the readers who may not know who you are why not give a little background of who you are & how you got into the Wrestling business?


SS: I'm Stan "The Man" Stylez. The SeXXX T-ReXXX, the Gyno Rhino, the Playboy Powerhouse, and the most Perverted Man in Pro Wrestling today! THAT'S RIGHT! I became a pro wrestler in 2009. I trained at ACPW, ACE, and DWF. I got into pro wrestling just like many others. I watched it when I was a little boy. I remember watching WWE superstars and seeing Shawn Michaels doing the Heart Break Hotel. The more I watched it the more I wanted to do it! THAT'S RIGHT

When you were growing up were you a wrestling fan or no and if not where you aware of it? If you were a fan growing up was there any wrestlers specifically who made you say I am going to do this and be like them?


SS: I was a big time wrestling fan growing up. Me and my friends would ignore the "Don't try this at home" and we would all wrestle down each others basements thinking we were so cool. Not realizing how dangerous and stupid that was...hahah. Some of my favorite wrestlers were Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair,Owen Hart,Chris Benoit, Rick Rude, Raven,and Undertaker to name a few.

Who is the best opponent you have been in the ring with, & who did you enjoy feuding with the most?


SS: Best Opponent is a tough one....I would have to say Xavier Cross cause he's probably the smartest opponent I faced. He's the only one to this day to attack my hand which is my finisher The Facial aka the Palm Strike sexed up ;) The person I really enjoy feuding with is the ass-hat I'm feuding with right now in On Point Wrestling. Ryan Castellucci.

If you could have a dream match with anyone in the wrestling active or retired who would you pick and why. Also what type of match would it be Singles, Tag Team, Multi Man, Gimmick match, etc and if there was any specific reason to pick the stipulation?


SS: Active SEXXXY EDDY! I just feel that it would be such an awesome match. Something the fans would really eat up and go nuts for. We are so much alike and I would want to really find out who is the TRUE Sex Pervert in all of wrestling! (ME) We are talking  Ironman vs Batman, or Flash vs Quicksilver. It's a match that even right now as I'm trying this...get so excited for! ( not that kinda excited ladies....well maybe;) THAT'S RIGHT!!!~ As for Past...without a doubt Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair.


Out of all the companies you have worked for which company you have liked working for the most?


SS: On Point Wrestling. I'm very happy to be a part of the wrestling family there. 2 guys had a vision and the vision has come true. It's only going to get better and better.

Have you modeled you’re in ring or mic style after any or the past wrestlers or managers?


SS: Yes I was told I wrestle very much like Rick Rude. I try to also throw in a lot of different things myself too. JT Dunn said I'm probably the most Unorthodox wrestler out there and he's right about that! THAT'S RIGHT

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I promise once you see Stan Stylez it's an expericne you'll never forget;)