For the readers who may not know who you are why not give a little background of who you are & how you got into the Wrestling business? When you were growing up were you a wrestling fan or no and if not where you aware of it? If you were a fan growing up was there any wrestlers specifically who made you say I am going to do this and be like them.

BT: Regarding my background in wrestling - I was born into the wrestling profession - my father was the ring announcer for Eddie Graham in Florida - some of my earliest memories as a child are running around wrestling arenas and being held by wrestlers like Lou Thesz. I started in wrestling in 1979 working for the wrestling office in Florida / also announced - did commentary with Gordon Solie - and refereed. Moved to Texas in 1984 for law school and worked for promoter Paul Boesch. I have promoted wrestling myself - produced television - and have also wrestled myself in Texas and Mexico.

What do you see in the future for the NWA as a whole? Are there any talents in the NWA that excite you for the future in particular? Also could we see an NWA vs NJPW collaborative show in the future?

BT: For the future I see expansion of the NWA brand worldwide - television and regular PPV spectaculars. There are many amazing wrestlers in the NWA but to single out one that excites me would have to be our World Champion Ironman Rob Conway who I have traveled to Japan with many times. We have already done collaborative events with New Japan and plan more collaborative events with them in the future.


Have you ever thought about giving yourself a role in front of the curtain rather than just behind the curtain? If yes why and if not why.

BT: I am not interested in an on camera role because my focus is on development of the brand. I have an on camera character role in Japan but that is what New Japan asked of us.


For any wrestling fan or current wrestling promoter who may not know how does a company enter the NWA? Also does the NWA help with financing companies any way or is it completely up to the promoter to cover start-up costs & monthly expense?


BT: To join the NWA a promotion must already be established with a good track record. Applications are submitted and considered for membership. One requirement that we insist upon is credible honest business practices.


If you want to plug anything either social media or an upcoming show feel free to do so?

BT: Only news to plug is the recent victory of Rob Conway over Kojima in Las Vegas for the NWA World Title.