A little background on NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) it's based in Deer Park, Long Island and runs a majority of it's shows from the warehouse turned wrestling arena called the NYWC Sportatorium. Founded in 2002 the NYWC has been slowly churning out some of the best independent talent in the Northeast. One of the fresh young faces NYWC has most recently churned out is 19 year old Long Island Native, Randy Summers. Randy is one half of the tag team Milk Chocolate with Brandon Watts. Even though Randy just began his career last June he has already had the pleasure of working with some of the legends in the Pro Wrestling industry. Let's get to the interview:


For the readers who may not know who you are why not give a little background of who you are & how you got into the Wrestling business?


RS: My name is Randy Summers, and I am a 19 year independent pro wrestler. I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer as a kid, and I've always loved pro wrestling so I put two and two together and began training once I got out of high school.

When you were growing up were you a wrestling fan or no and if not where you aware of it? If you were a fan growing up was there any wrestlers specifically who made you say I am going to do this and be like them?

RS: When I was a kid I always liked the bad guy, even though I wasn't supposed to but for some reason I loved heel Christine, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle.

Who is the best opponent you have been in the ring with, & who did you enjoy feuding with the most? If you could have a dream match with anyone in the wrestling active or retired who would you pick and why.

RS: Even though I had my first match in June I have already been blessed with working matches with Mikey Whipwreck, Matt Striker and Justin Credible; so working with them was just surreal. But mine and my partners (Brandon Watts) feud with Alex Reynolds and John Silver was incredible and I feel like we had some great matches with them.

Also what type of match would it be Singles, Tag Team, Multi Man, Gimmick match, etc and if there was any specific reason to pick the stipulation?

RS: To be honest the only dream match I have isn't with a particular person; it's just any match at Wrestlemania, just like any other wrestler.

Out of all the companies you have worked for which company you have liked working for the most?

RS: So far I have worked for NYWC mostly but on the 2nd we made our CZW debut which was awesome because the crowd was into our gimmick and it was a crazy environment... but I'm not gonna say any specific promotion is my favorite because I enjoyed both so much.

Have you modeled you’re in-ring or mic style after any or the past wrestlers or managers?

RS: I have modeled my character basically from what a Jonas Brother or Austin Mahoney or Justin Bieber would be like if he wrestled and it's been going pretty well for me this far.

Also if there is any event for a specific company or form of social media you’d like to plug feel free to.

RS: I would love to give a shout out to NYWC because the product at our shows is so good and I feel like once people buy a ticket and come to the shows they won't be disappointed and will keep coming back for more.

This is the second interview I have conducted with a member of the NYWC the first was a couple of weeks ago with Co-Owner John Curcie. If you missed it or want to view again follow the link: http://squaredcirclesideshow.com/articles/interview-with-john-curcie.