I know I usually don't put out more then one post in a day but this is different because anytime a pro-wrestler weather active or retired enters the hospital it is a scary situation in every way. I heard this afternoon about Jake Roberts health scare, but have been very busy on and off for most of the day. Right now what I have heard from many reliable sources is that Jake is indeed awake and resting in a hospital in Las Vegas which is where he was headed for a show. Apparently the story goes that Jake passed out on the plane ride to Vegas late Wednesday, however most sites didn't run the story until early today. The reason which many sites have stated for Jake passing out was that his lungs were full of fluid from double pneumonia, and he had a mass on his brain; at last word Jake is right now on antibiotics. But once again I want to repeat that after the latest update Jake is awake and recuperating in the hospital and that information was told to us by a friend who has been with him since the scare took place. 

I would like to wish Jake Roberts a speedy recovery and good health during this scary time. For looking for an update on the situation feel free to watch this video from Dave Meltzer: (also if you want to find anymore updates or send well wish @sinnbodhi


I also just wanted to mention something Meltzer says in the video about certain rumors spreading on the internet that Jake had passed away. First of all don't trust everything you read from the internet because not all of it is always true and sadly some sites would actually say a wrestling legend had passed away just to get a jump in views. Using that logic gives bad names to anyone who writes on the internet for a living and especially dirt-sheet writers who actually do their how work. But still please just don't spread rumors if you don't know the facts about a story either don't post it or do research. Also on a lighter note, I want to once again wish Jake Roberts a very speedy recovery.