Over the course of the last few months we all have been hearing little by little more and more about Jeff Jarrett's new promotion, whether its partners, tv deal, talent, etc we have heard a lot of little small pieces of information. As of this writing it is being stated that if Jeff's new company was to be on CMT like what has been rumored the show would be on the network starting in January of 2015. However that doesn't mean Jeff wouldn't run shows prior to his company's debut on tv, but it also doesn't mean he will run shows as it depends on how long it takes for him to get a roster together. 


Also even though CMT seems like the likely station it has also been stated that even though they may be long shots both Spike TV and TBS have interest in airing the wrestling show. If you remember I did mention when I was talking about the WWE contract update that both Time Warner and Viacom had interest in WWE's TV programs. It has been rumored that TBS (Time Warner) is considering bringing wrestling back to its network for the first time in over a decade. For those who may not know or may not remember before they were bought by Vince in 2001 WCW aired on TBS their weekly show called Thunder from 1998-2001. In the case of Spike TV who is less of a long shot but still, it has been said they may have interest if they don't sign back TNA and if WWE doesn't sign with them. Either I think we will have a better idea which television station Jeff will be on after WWE signs their new TV contract, which has been said to be likely announced in late April or early May. 


Don't forget the day after Wrestlemania on Monday April 7, we will get an announcement from the Jarrett's about the Wrestling Promotion. It's a day a lot of fans of pro wrestling have been waiting on for a long time.