Since his departure from the company he founded late last year there has been a lot of buzz around "The King of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett and what his apparent next project would be and when it would begin. Well earlier in the year it had surfaced Jeff had gotten financial backing from members of the Nashville community including Country Music superstar Toby Keith. Many have been speculating over the last couple of months but finally after months of waiting Jeff finally let the fans find out the name of his company and it is called Global Force Wrestling. Jeff made a statement yesterday and here is part of that statement "We are going to put out a professional wrestling product that listens to and engages the fans. We are going to immerse ourselves with the wrestling fans and that is going to be first and foremost." The next announcement from the new company GFW will be on Monday April 14 which is next week.


I for one have been very excited about not only the announcement but the idea that for the first time since the territory days 4 different wrestling companies will have National television contracts. Which will give wrestling more exposure then it has ever had in the last 10 years at least the only issue is I hope that it is good exposure and not bad exposure because that would only bad things for wrestling. However, I am very much looking forward to the next announcement next Monday from Double J and the GFW brand and I can't wait to find out who is working their. Wrestling fans things are going to get interesting in the wrestling business for the first time in a while because we may begin seeing people jump ship to Jeff's company in the near future. But the only thing we can do is sit back enjoy the ride and wait and see what happens in the very near future like on Monday April 14.