With Old School RAW coming right around the corner I thought right now would be a better time then any to give you guys an update on a legend who will not be at the show tonight. Unfortunately at last word it doesn't seem as though Mae Young's current health status will allow her to be at tonight's show. At last word Mae had been invited to the show tonight but because of health issues will most likely not be attending.

After a couple of days of rumors of what is going on it turns out that Mae is in rough shape apparently one of her Kidneys is in the process of shutting down, and she's breathing with the assistance of an oxygen machine. She is back at home now after being in the hospital recently; but she is being constantly monitored and isn't in good shape these days. One of Mae's former students said that "Once I heard of my former trainers decreasing health I had to go see her to let her know what she means to mean and a lot of other people in the business and he adds if anyone can beat this it's Mae. In the 15 years I have been watching the pro-wrestling business I don't have seen many women who are tougher then Mae.

I would like to ask for you guys to keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks as she tries to beat this. When she does I hope we can see her on WWE Television at least one more time.