After his surprising passing this past Tuesday many have done tributes to the Ultimate Warrior and not just in the pro-wrestling world. Other sports figures have stepped up and did tributes to their childhood hero the Warrior. Sports figures like A's Outfielder Josh Reddick, Orioles Outfielder Adam Jones, and Marlins First Baseman Garrett Jones had not only extended their condolences but both Adam & Garrett changed made their walk up music Ultimate Warriors theme song. However, Garrett Jones has stated for the remainder of the season the Warrior's theme song will be his walk up song. It wasn't just not the players who made tributes to the Ultimate Warrior as both the Los Angles Dodgers & Florida Panthers had tributes of some form. The Panthers team mascot actually came out to the Warrior's song and was dressed up like the Warrior with a Warrior mask and tassels on. The Dodgers extended a small tribute by having the Warrior's song played during a game earlier this week. 

This just shows the impact the Warrior had not only in the wrestling world but to those who are fans of the wrestling industry. Warrior's sudden passing impacted the WWE enough were they will be dedicating this coming Monday Night Raw Episode to the Warrior. They will also be doing a 10 bell slaute to the Warrior at the show so if your in attendance be respectful during the salute because it would be incredibly wrong to say something. Below is a video of the Dodgers tribute to the Warrior: