This is a new series I am trying where I take a look at past missed opportunities in the wrestling industry, which we all know has happened many times. From pushes, to feuds, to title reigns, to promotions, to wrestlers stays in a particular company, it could have been any thing. Today we will look back at something that in many respects was a big blow opportunity by WWE and it only happened a few years ago. Let's head back in time first to set up what is going on, it's June 7 2010 and it's Viewer's Choice on Monday Night RAW the main event is CM Punk vs John Cena. The Main Event on this night ended with a double DQ when the seven rookies from the first season of NXT attacked Cena, Punk, and some members of the ringside crew. However during the attack Daniel Bryan choked announcer Justin Roberts with his tie which violates a WWE rule so Bryan was let go. Then on July 5 2010 the group down fall began when they began to feud with John Cena, now before someone jumps to the conclusion that I am just bashing Cena; I am not I am bashing the way he is booked by WWE creative especially during this time. Because less than a month into the feud at SummerSlam WWE held a 5 on 5 elimination match Team WWE vs Nexus, and Team WWE won after Cena single handedly beat both Barrett & Gabriel after being DDT'ed on the floor. Even though two team mates and WWE veterans insisted that Nexus should win because they are extremely over at the moment. They say Cena asked for a change and wanted to win instead which Cena would later admit that he regretted not listening to the veterans because they were right. 


In my book this feud was over before it started as 2 months into their tenure with WWE they loss all momentum after being taken apart by practically just John Cena on his own and then losing their first big match didn't help anyone involved. The stable was re-branded in the early part of 2011 which saw Gabriel, Barrett, & Slater kicked out of the group and replaced by new members and a new leader named CM Punk. For those who don't know Wade Barrett was pegged to be World Champion but "plans change." Gabriel, Slater, Tarver, Sheffield, Otunga, & Young didn't reach the same amount of success that I can guarantee was first thought they would accomplish. But like WWE has learned and seemingly perfected you need to build up new faces and get them a foundation before you start tearing them down (The Shield). Also if you think about it at this time it was before WWE was actually focused on bringing in New Talent and making them the focus like they are right now. But I guess in wrestling you take the good with the bad and the bad with the ugly. However, it never hurts to think what could have been!!!