Miz is the champ

 Now what? In his first WWE Title defense, The Miz put his belt on the line against WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler in a TLC match. It was a much better match than it had any right to be, but it seemed like a head-scratching start for the “Era of Awesomeness.” I’m glad Miz is the champ and I want him to succeed. Starting his reign out like that, though, just seemed…odd. If WWE wants Miz to be a top guy then they have to go all the way with this push. They cannot Jack Swagger him. Here’s hoping that the current feud with Randy Orton is actually a launching pad to a dominant heel run, and not just a holdover until Cena is finished with the Nexus.


Speaking of Nexus…

It looks like the seeds may have been planted last night for the inevitable end of the faction. Now that Miz has the belt and Barrett is out of the title picture, the Nexus’ role on RAW has felt noticeably lessened. They’re no longer the dominating force they once were. Hell, they can’t even overcome Santino and Kozlov. The days of them destroying rings and kidnapping GMs are definitely behind them. Now, the entire group is more or less just one big heel for John Cena to overcome. Once Cena and Barrett finally have their big blow-off match I’d imagine the group will disburse. So what, then, becomes of the individuals who currently make up the whole? Barrett, obviously isn’t going anywhere. I think he’s proven himself to be a solid top-tier heel. Otunga will probably get some sort of push due to his “celebrity” status. How far it goes will interesting to see considering the guy can hardly handle a 6-on-1 beating, let alone a full match. Slater will probably be turned babyface and then quickly released. I think Justin Gabriel has a decent enough future and could probably have a good feud with someone like John Morrison or Kofi Kingston. Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty should be kept around as a tag team. I like both of them. I just hate their names. As for Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver, the two injured Nexi, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tarver released. He seems like he has some talent, but WWE never showed that they had any real faith in him. Skip, on the other hand, I imagine will come back as a strong, Batista-like Face, and maybe he’ll pick up a feud with his former leader.


MVP: Future Endeavored

Montel Vontavious Porter supposedly asked for, and was granted, his release from WWE. My personal thoughts? Meh. I didn’t dislike MVP, but I never saw what all the hype was about either. The guy is good, seemed like a nice enough dude, hard worker, good talker. He just never screamed MAIN EVENT to me. His stock especially fell once they turned him babyface. As a good guy, he’s just boring. His whole character, from the name to the outfit to the music, was supposed to be the T.O. or the OchoCinco of pro wrestling. It worked in the beginning, but once he saw the light any and all interesting traits of his character disappeared. I do feel bad that the guy put in his years and seemed to bust his ass for the company, ultimately to walk away unsatisfied. Maybe his career would have turned out differently if he’d stayed a heel. He claims he wants to go “international.” I think he’d do really well for himself in Japan. Or if he’s really desperate, TNA will probably put the World Title on him as a signing bonus…in the meeting!


TNA Final Resolution 2010

What a chunk of shit. I feel like I say this every month but that was one of the worst TNA PPVs I’ve ever seen. AJ and Doug Williams, I’ll admit was very good. It would be hard to screw up a match with those two (though TNA has done worse in the past). The TLC match (or whatever the hell they called it) between the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me was also good. But beyond that…crap. TNA sucks. There’s just no way around the fact. It’s a shame too because they have a great roster of guys who deserve so much better. The booking though is just criminally atrocious. For the love of God, STOP WITH ALL THE GIMMICK MATCHES. AJ and Doug had a straight up one-on-one wrestling match. TNA has gotten to the point where that in itself is now a gimmick match. Hell, this Thursday the main event on IMPACT is going to be Mickie James vs. Tara in a cage. Because why not? Why not actually build a feud to a level where people will care enough to want to pay to see that end-match. Sorry. I got sidetracked. This is supposed to be about that thing they called a PPV. Let’s talk about the main event: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan with Mr. Anderson as the special referee. I’ve read some reviews where people have applauded Jeff Hardy’s performance. They said that it goes to show just how good he is that he was able to pull of that match in his “condition.” Did I watch the same match? Because the Hardy/Morgan match I watched was god-awful. At only about 12 minutes, the bulk of the match consisted of Jeff Hardy hitting 4 Twists of Hate of Morgan (a move, by the way, that both Hardys have been using for over a decade and still can’t figure out how to make look effective). Morgan was made to look like an idiot, nowhere near a top-level guy, by literally walking into all four finishers. Hardy looked like he was about to throw up the entire time. I suppose “exhaustion” will do that to you. It was a mess. But then again, so is…


Jeff Hardy

I am not a fan, not by any means. Is he a better-than-average in-ring performer? Sure. He is entertaining/charismatic/interesting/intriguing? Not a bit. He just annoys me. TNA was moments away from kicking him off the PPV on Sunday and stripping him of the title because he was supposedly so clearly out of it. He claimed exhaustion from traveling so much prior to the show. Give me a f’n break. He’s been doing this for how long? It’s the wrestling business. There hasn’t been an easy schedule in wrestling…ever. Jeff Hardy is immature and undeserving. If he can’t handle a WEEK’S worth of travel and be professional enough to show up ready to go for a PPV, one in which he is the headline act, then he has no place in the company. From where I’m sitting, he’s clearly only in TNA so that he can fund his habbit. Does TNA even realize that he’s in the middle of a serious drug trial? No. Why would they? They’re so far out of touch with everything else, why should they pay attention to the wellbeing of their top star. TNA should not have hired Jeff Hardy in the first place until the trial was wrapped up. But they did. They should have taken him off TV after his little CM Punk promo hit the web last week. The guy was obviously high as a kite so clearly he’s not taking the charges seriously. He’s a joke.


And Matt sucks too.


I’m done now.