For this moment it is a special moment but the things that followed it were disrespectful and idiotic on the part of WCW. On the August 27th edition of Nitro there was a segment involving the Horsemen and Mene Gene. The reason this is a big deal, because tonight was the night that The Enforcer, Double A Arn Anderson announced his retirement from Pro-Wrestling, and offered Curt Hennig his spot in the Horsemen. However this post is just about this moment and has nothing to do with the disrespectful, idiotic, and shameful thing WCW allowed to happen next week on Nitro. This about one of the greatest moments in WCW history, involving three of the greatest workers in Wrestling history. For me anytime I see this I get goose bumps because of what this meant and there are parts where I do get misty eyed. Please enjoy this as we take a look back and relive this great moment from August 1997:

Double A Retires from Wrestling