With it being a new month that means it's time for another new addition of the Moment in Time Series. With today being January 4th I thought that today would be a perfect day to do the Moment in Time, because it would give me an excuse to use a moment from the Attitude Era. Which moment am I talking about, well let's go back 15 years ago today to January 4th 1999 a very unique night in wrestling that night because a very joyous occasion happened that night, but an incident occurred that night as well. First that night was a very joyous occasion because of the title switch that took place on Monday Night Raw when Mick Foley vs The Rock. Now the incident that took place happened on Monday Nitro and also saw the return of the NWO, also even 15 years later it is still called "Finger poke of Doom." Relive both of these memorable moments in the videos below: