Even a week after leaving he is still in the news on the "Internet Wrestling Site" and on the minds of a lot of the fans. For those who may not know what I am talking about well I am talking about Punk Walking out last week. But that's not what this Moment in Time is about tonight we will go back in time to when Punk was becoming something new in the eyes of the wrestling fans, when he was becoming the "Voice of Voiceless."

Let's now go back to the summer of 2011 particularly I want to bring you back to June 27 2011 when "The Promo" happened also known by some as The Shoot. That night the Summer of Punk began with a bang which it did when he sat on the stage and proceeded to "shoot" on certain people in WWE. In my book that storyline started and went very well but was in deed a very big missed opportunity. Without further adieu relive one of the best segments on RAW of the last decade: