With Wrestlemania less then a month a way I felt like this would be the perfect time to do this post. After Wrestlemania 27 on the following RAW it was announced early on the show that Edge had surprise announcement which would happen later that night. It turned out that Edge's announcement was him shocking the wrestling world when he announced his retirement from the ring. Edge stated that he had been feeling affects of his broken neck from almost a decade before and he went by doctors orders who told him that he couldn't wrestle anymore without risking permanent injury.

Edge began his career in the WWE in 1998 after being scouted by Bret Hart in late 1997. Edge has held every title a WWE superstar could possibly hold over the years from the Tag Titles to the United States title to the WWE Championship. Over the course of his career Edge showed that he was one of the best and during his early years helped the WWE Tag division be the best it had been in years. There is no doubt that Edge had a Hall of Fame career in the WWE which is why when he got inducted into the Hall of Fame it may have been a tad soon but it was very deserving. This was one of the last times I remember that I actually was sad to see someone go and it sunk in actually how long I have been watching wrestling to see Edge retire. Now it's time to flashback to that emotional night after Wrestlemania 27 when Edge announced his Retirement on Monday Night Raw: