"For it to work we had to make as real as possible, this was around when Cal Ripken had just broke Lou Gehrig's streak and I was watching as Chris Berman and the other announcers were just slient as Cal went around the stadium for the fans to congratulate him on breaking the streak. For the people to believe it the announcers had to shut up for the segment then get up and check on Shawn. It worked to perfection everyone thought Shawn was out." (Excerpt from WWF Timeline: 1995 with Kevin Nash)

As someone who thinks of myself as a huge Shawn Michaels mark when I found out this happened I was shocked and I thought Shawn was really hurt because he had just came back from the concussion not to long before this match with Owen. Either way it was masterfully done and worked to perfection as many fans were crying in their seats on that night back in 1995. For those who have never seen it or who have and want to see it again enjoy the video below: