Speaking of OVW and TNA, it sounds like Kurt Angle will be working there soon. Jamin Olivencia, who is now the longest reigning OVW Heavyweight Champion in history; issued a challenge to Angle after successfully defending his title this past weekend. Jamin's title reign is special because he outlasts anyone who has ever won the OVW which includes some big names: Eugene (Nick Dinsmore), current NWA Champ Rob Conway, Batista, Prototype (John Cena), CM Punk, & many others. Jamin just recently set the record as longest reining champion beating previous record holder Matt Morgan who set it at 182. Jamin has held the OVW World Title since April 10th 2013 which is officially 185 days and counting.

OVW began in 1999 as an independent company ran by Danny Davis out of Louisville, KY and at one point was the developmental territory for WWE & currently is for TNA. Now to a little history Kurt Angle unlike most WWE wrestlers of the 2000 decade never worked in OVW as an active wrestler; he worked for MCW developmental territory which was WWE's territory prior to OVW. Kurt is by far one of the biggest names in wrestling and this would a big help for OVW if done right. It could also be big for Jamin if done right as this could help him make it to TNA in the near future if he not only has a match with Angle but a good match with Kurt.

MY thoughts on Jamin, he seems like a talented kid with good potential and a match with Kurt Angle could be the launching point for Jamin's career. Also a match like this could do wonders for the relationship between TNA & OVW which I don't think if that good.