Survivor Series 2013

Pre-Show Match:
Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
This will do it's job in being as good as it has to be because it is the pre-show match and more likely they are just doing this to give Miz a win. Last week on RAW Miz turned heel for the first time in a while and now is in the position where I believe he is better as I think he is better as a heel. Miz wins the match to give his turn some momentum.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match:
The Total Divas vs AJ Lee, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, Tamina, Alicia Fox,. & Kaitlyn. I feel this will be the usual divas match to a point as it may start slow but I think once they trim the excess this match could be decent. Now I am not doubt WWE but I am going to say it would be hard for them to finish this within 5 minutes which how long a divas match usually goes. But I think this goes a good amount of time, and Total Divas Cast will win.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match:
The Shield & Real Americans vs Rhodes Brother, The Uso's & Rey Mysterio
I am very glad to see that Rey is back in the ring after a long time on the shelf and I think his time in this match will be on the low side but he will still play a part. I also think this match may give a good indication of where WWE will go with the Tag Division next year. They could the route of The Shield losing and continue to slowly cause a rift with them or start causing tension with The Rhodes brothers. But I think the more likely is well Roman Reigns coming out of the match looking strong but I think the face team wins.

(c) Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel
This match will be decent and will be given enough to allow Big E to continue to grow and the push I believe he's earned. I also think that Axel has shown that he could be a top mid-carder but needs to show more if he wants to move up the card. I see Langston winning because he just won the title and WWE has big plans for him over the next 365 days.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper & Erik Rowan
Let me start with saying I love seeing Bryan & Punk together even if Bryan should champion but this is good to. The Wyatt Family is one of the most unique stables to come to WWE in recent memory and I really enjoy Bray Wyatt. I do believe a win by the Wyatt Family could add credibility to them but depends on how they do it because they do want to hurt Punk or Bryan's credibility. For that reason Team Punk & Bryan win tonight.

(c) John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
Over the past 8 years we have seen Cena overcome odds numerous times against the bad guys. Tonight will be no different Cena wins and retains the World Title.

(c) Randy Orton vs Big Show
Since Randy Orton's heel turn back in August not many people have gotten as over as the Big Show has gotten. Some say this maybe Show's last brush with the World Title but I have learned if they want Show to get the belt he will. However I think someone else is in Show's future namely Triple H. With this being my thought process Orton wins tonight