Tables Ladders & Chairs


Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

This match will be nothing special as it doesn't need to be because it's the Pre-Show match. But it will be and should be a good match because of who is in it. I think they both need a win but since we see Dolph on TV more get him the win.


(c) AJ Lee vs Natalya

This will be the usual divas match only difference is that it means more then it used to which is great. I really do like the feud between AJ's group and the Total Diva Cast. I mean it is confusing sometimes but it's awesome seeing WWE invest the time in the divas to try and make them mean something. Even though it's getting to the point of when will AJ lose as she is running out of opponents I think they will continue to milk her run as champion. Therefore AJ wins tonight.


4 Way Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Titles (c) Rhodes Brothers vs Real Americans vs Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Rybaxel

This match should be an indication of where the Tag Team Division will go next year either continue to rise in importance or will it fall backwards again. I think this match will be a good if given enough time to be viewed as important and good. For the sake of the Tag Division I think Goldy & Cody should win.


Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan

This is an interesting match because we are seeing the evolution of Bray Wyatt week by week as he attempts to recruit Bryan into the Wyatt Family. The winner of this feud depends on one thing and that's how much longer they want this feud to keep going. But if I had to take a guess the future probably holds Daniel Bryan winning tonight and then possibly facing Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania where if Daniel loses he joins the Wyatt Family.


CM Punk vs The Shield

Like the last match this is another interesting match because it could go either way with who wins and who takes the loss. I think two factors play into this when they are going to break up The Shield & Punk's stock with the Creative Team. If it was me I would continue to plant the seeds for a Shield Break up. Which would mean making Punk win via miscommunication from The Shield.



(c) Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow

I am going to keep this short and to the point, this match will be nothing special most likely as if I had to guess they are going to try to make Langston come out looking stronger. Well also Damien's "Push" has gone nowhere so if he has nothing why make him win. Langston retains the gold.



Unification Match for the World Championship:
 (c) John Cena vs (c) Randy Orton

I have a real problem with this match because it should be a big deal but they just spent 3 weeks building up to what should be a big moment. But it isn't because not many people care about the World Title anyway and they only spent 3 weeks to build it up. Now the ending of RAW this past Monday was good selling point and one of Cena's best promos in a while. Unfortunately once this happens it would be very hard to go back so I hope this is what WWE wants to do and isn't just trying to get a boost in the buy-rates for the PPV's. Also I think if they want to save there buy-rates from being low for the Royal Rumble they have to have a solid finish tonight. Therefore the winner of the Unification Match will be........ Randy Orton. I think he'll win to finally give him a credible win what has been a lackluster title reign thus far for Randy.



Thanks & Enjoy Tables Ladders & Chairs tonight live on PPV