Elimination Chamber

The Brotherhood vs RybAxel

This being the pre-show match will be nothing to special because it just needs to get the people for the matches on the PPV. However, it is good in my opinion to see the amount of tag matches that are on show because it shows that WWE does care about the Tag Division again. I think that the Rhodes Brothers need the win here because they have lost a lot of momentum over the last few weeks and now should get some back.

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio

I don't this match as being much more then just a tune up of sorts for Batista going into Wrestlemania and that's all it needs to be. This will also be the first time we can really if Batista has any ring rust from being out of the ring for 4 years, I know he was in the Rumble but that really doesn't give a clear indication of his ring ability. I don't think it's that hard to see that Batista wins tonight.

(c) New Age Outlaws vs The Usos

This is one of the matches I am looking forward to on the card because of hot the Usos have gotten over the last couple of months and the fact that I would love to see them come out as champions. However WWE has tendency to try and milk things for as long as possible aka Daniel Bryan so I would be shocked if The Usos didn't win and maybe win the titles at Mania. But I am not sure that The Outlaws will win either because it's easy to see that they are here for the short term but it depends on how short. I am going with The Usos winning the match but by DQ because I have hunch that this will be the tag title match at Wrestlemania.

Darren Young vs Titus O' Neil

I think this is an interesting match because they used to be a tag team and part of me wonders how WWE will replace them in the Tag division. By how it looked a couple of weeks ago it seemed like Titus was getting pushed but after his loss on Smackdown to Dolph Ziggler, I have no idea what is going on in this feud. If I had to pick I'd pick Titus O' Neil because I feel like if they are going to keep the feud going they could do more with Titus winning.

(c) Big E vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

This match in my opinion is to much like a filler match on the card as oppose to feeling like a title match because the IC title lacks meaning. I love that they are finally bringing some meaning back to Jack Swagger but they need to keep it up which I don't know if they will though. Since it seems as though they have a some what renewed idea of liking long title runs I think Big E keeps the gold and tension may begin with Zeb & Jack again.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

This feud has built up picture perfect and I would totally buy the DVD just to watch this match as I am by far most excited about this match then another match on the card. These two stables have been the two best stables by far that WWE has had in recent memory. They have done an awesome job of keeping the separate for not only the build up but both stables tenure in WWE thus far. Well to who I think wins with a Shield break up clearly evident I see the Wyatt's pulling out the win.

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: (c) Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Sheamus

This match has the makings to be the match of the night and that is why I love the Chamber because we always see a couple of big moves during the match. In my book the wild cards of the match are Cesaro, Christian, & Sheamus, but the other guys are the possible winners like Cena, Orton, & Bryan. The Indy wrestling fan in me would love to see Cesaro win the gold but I highly doubt that will happen because I am not sure if WWE standards he is ready. I am torn between either Bryan or Orton winning the match. One way Orton cashes in his re-match at Mania making it a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania and the other way he doesn't. The other way WWE will receive a ton of backlash from fans pissing, moaning, and complaining that Bryan didn't win the match and I don't know if they really care enough about that to change the plans they may have had in place. Ok well I am going with Randy winning the match. I also think they will allow Cesaro to have a good showing in the match as a way to continue his push.

Now before some people may chose to jump on me for picking Orton instead of Bryan to win the match. I want to say that Vince maybe older but is not an idiot and can't ignore the popularity Bryan has gotten, so if Daniel doesn't win tonight I can guarantee they will find a way to get him in the Title Match at Wrestlemania. So just watch and allow them to give you what you want at the right time aka Wrestlemania.